Vegan Cuts Snack Box – November Roundup

Vegan Cuts Snack Box

Instagrammer @vick_001a shows off her Snack Box haul!

The last two months of the year are prone to snack emergencies. Between the family gatherings and after work functions, we’re all pretty busy. Add to that the rush of holiday shopping, preparing for winter, and shoveling the walkways, and it’s easy to see why it’s important to have tasty snacks at the ready. Enter the Vegan Cuts Snack Box to save the day!

In November, subscribers received a great mix of sweet and savory snacks. As usual, the Snack Box included 7-10 goodies for the insanely low price of $19.95 (with free shipping to the U.S.). For that price, we sent out a box bursting with craveable snack foods. Each month’s box is different, so you’ll want to keep your subscription going well into the New Year!

November’s Featured Vegan Brands

Take a look at what Stephanie, our Snack Box Coordinator Extraordinaire, has to say about this month’s picks and then read more about them below:

Michy’s Foods Pumpkin Eater Cookie is a moist pumpkin cookie studded with dark chocolate chips and a symphony of spices. ‘Tis the season for pumpkin things, after all!

Sjaak’s Milk Caramel Bites are gooey, creamy, caramel bites covered in creamy ‘milk’ chocolate. Yum!

R.W. Garcia Blue/Yellow Gluten-Free Tortilla Chips MixtBag combines two all-natural tortilla chip selections into one bag for a snack the whole family will love. These chips are completely wheat and gluten free, contain no trans fats, and are made with all non-GMO ingredients. Is that a triple win or a quadruple win?

Barbara’s Bakery Snackimals Cereal Packets are breakfast versions of the lovable characters and flavors from the Snackimals cookie line. Your family is sure to go wild for flavor and fun with this cereal that brightens up both breakfast and snack time.

Raw Revolution Chocolate Mini Bars are perfect for your sweet tooth. They’re like moist, chewy macaroons… with chocolate!

CrunchMaster Multi-Grain Crackers are a tasty, gluten-free alternative to processed wheat crackers. With a blend of whole grain brown rice, stone-ground corn, oat fiber, and a 4-seed blend, Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers are oven baked and have 65% less fat than fried multi-grain tortilla chips.

Nutty Bean Cinnamon Crunch Chickpz combine cinnamon and vanilla to make this sweet treat incredibly delicious. It’s almost like eating crunchy cinnamon toast cereal but with the added health benefits of 4 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein per serving.

Harvest Snaps Black Pepper Snapea Crisps will spice up your snack life! The simple taste of pea plus a perfect pinch of pepper equals a warm kick of flavor your taste buds won’t forget. If you’re looking to make a bold impression on your taste buds, Black Pepper Snapea Crisps are a lip-smacking way to switch things up.

Want to check out more November Snack Box action? Search #vegancuts on Instagram and scroll on, friends. We’d love to see your pics (tag #vegancuts when you post) after you subscribe!

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  1. This was our first VeganCuts box and loved it!! Reviewed on our Blog!

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