Vegan Cuts Snack Box – June Roundup

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It’s that time again! Did you get your Vegan Cuts Snack Box in June? If not, make sure you’re on the list for the July box by subscribing today. While you wait, check out what folks received in the June Snack Boxes.

Each month, the Vegan Cuts Snack Box introduces hungry and curious vegans in the U.S. and Canada to yummy new foods, personal care products, and cool gadgets. The low price of $19.95 a month (with free shipping in the U.S.) gets you a box full of awesome stuff! Each month is different, so you’ll want to keep your subscription going.

June’s Featured Vegan Brands

Here’s a peek at some of the goodies in the June snack box! We have a variety of treats available to stuff into the snack boxes, so not every box is the same. Rest assured, each and every snack box comes with at least 7 fun vegan gifts!

Fanciful Fox makes organic, fair trade Peanut Butter Lip Balm that is creamy and super moisturizing. (People are almost literally dying over this stuff. Ok, not literally. But they’re really excited.)

Lush Gourmet Foods offers their Nuts as a twist on the after-dinner mint, replacing them instead with crunchy coated peanuts in a variety of flavors.

The Good Bean Sweet Cinnamon roasted chickpea snacks will remind you of cinnamon toast, minus the calories.

Michy’s Cookies makes wholesome, oaty cookies like the Cran Rustica studded with tart dried cranberries.

Instagram photos by (clockwise from top left): @scrinina, @bukowskiwasright, @kayls369, and @nikkiew0z


GO Veggie! Parmesan adds tangy, cheesy zip to pasta, pizza, grilled veggies, and more.

Ultima Replenisher provides total hydration and 8 essential electrolytes without any unnecessary salt, sugar, or artificial flavors.

Beanfields non-GMO Bean & Rice Chips are a fiber-rich, fun twist on the classic tortilla chip.

Snapz makes crunchy fruit and veggie crisps that are a yummy alternative to potato chips.

Salba Smart chia seeds is another favorite non-GMO product, full of Omega 3 fatty acids and heart healthy fiber.

For more photos of the June Snack Box treats in action, search #vegancuts on Instagram and scroll until your heart’s content! 

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