Vegan Cuts Snack Box – April Roundup


Wanna know a tasty secret? April’s Vegan Cuts Snack Box was filled with a medley of fabulous (and healthy) treats! Thanks to co-curator Whitney, from Eco-Vegan Gal, subscribers enjoyed baked lentil chips, superfood cereal, nut butter, protein powder, and more.

Why not celebrate the onset of May by treating yourself to a subscription to the Vegan Cuts Snack Box? For just $19.95 per month, with shipping included to the U.S., we’ll send you a mix of 7-10 sweet and savory snacks. Gather a group of friends together and dig in!

April’s Featured Brands
Hungry subscribers found a delicious mix of snacks from these brands in their April boxes:

Nii Foods speckles their organic, almond butter-based nutrition bar with decadent chocolate chips and omega-rich seeds.

MCT Lean uses pea and rice proteins to create a delicious powder that’s perfect for mixing into your favorite beverage when you need an energizing boost during the day.

Mediterranean Snacks cleverly combines lentils, chickpeas, and adzuki beans into addictive baked chips.

Numi Organic Tea‘s savory teas are made from organic vegetables, wild herbs, and aromatic spices for a twist on traditional tea flavors.


@elmthom enjoys brekkie with Vigilant Eats and Simply Straws

Oatworks‘ wholesome, oat-powered fruit smoothie contains 100% fruit juice and no added sweeteners.

Simply Straws makes reusable, eco-friendly glass drinking straws that can be used for both hot and cold beverages.

NuttZo‘s organic, gourmet nut butter is made from a blend of seven nuts and seeds, plus a hint of sea salt–nothing else!

Vigilant Eats knows how to make breakfast special with their superfood cereal–a mix of oats, maca, and cacao nibs will please your tummy.

Join the snacking party by signing up for the May box–it’s not too late!

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