New Year, New You: Resolution Helpers from Vegan Cuts

Whether you’re a veteran resolution-maker, a chronic resolution-breaker, or a little bit of both, Vegan Cuts is here to help you meet and exceed your 2014 goals. We’re starting before the dawn of the New Year by offering this roundup of vegan products that help support you in your New Year’s missions, whatever they may be. Don’t have a plan just yet? Keep reading because this list might just inspire you to make one!

In 2014, I resolve to get healthy.

Rawjuvenate 4-week Complete Organic Detox
Only $89 to start your 2014 off clean!


Vegan Cuts Snack Box
Order before January 13 for a special selection of healthy treats for just $19.95.


In 2014, I resolve to get strong. 

PlantFusion Phood vegan meal shake
Support your fitness goals with 2lbs of vegan protein for just $48.


Core Defender Meal Bars
Don’t skimp when you’re in a rush! These six healthy meal bars for $16.75 will help you keep healthy even at your busiest.



In 2014, I resolve to get glam. 

LVX Vegan Nail Lacquer
Treat yourself to a variety of cruelty-free shades for just $11 each!


Swagger Cosmetics Eyeshadow
New year, new look? Add some sparkle with an eyeshadow sampler for $29.95.


In 2014, I resolve to spread the vegan word. 

 Compassion Co. Statement T-shirts
Show your vegan pride and help inspire others for $24-27.


V is for Vegan children’s book
Help educate and motivate the next generation of animal lovers with this lovely book, specially priced at $9.75.


In 2014, I resolve to treat myself. 

Gunas Vegan Handbags
Need a belated Christmas present to yourself? Spoil yourself with a swanky new vegan purse, priced from $52-$195.


Manos Chocolates Sampler
Indulge yourself in a generous sampler of handmade chocolate for just $15.


No matter what your new year has in store, we have something for you in the Vegan Cuts marketplace. Let’s rock 2014 together and keep it completely vegan and cruelty-free! Happy New Year!

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