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Vegan Supplements Part II: The Extras

Photo: seigertmarc via Flickr

This is Part II of a 2-part feature on dietary supplements for vegans. Today, we’ll talk about some “extra” supplements that vegans might consider adding to their healthy diet. To read about the essential supplements for vegans, check out Part I.

When you walk into the supplements aisle of your favorite natural grocery or vitamin shop, the options can be completely overwhelming. Many people take supplements to help in the pursuit of a better bod, to treat sleeplessness or mood changes, and to combat the symptoms of everything from intestinal disorders to respiratory issues. Regardless of your specific health concerns, every vegan with healthy eating habits should still investigate whether these supplements are right for them and their lifestyle.

As with all changes to your diet and exercise, it’s wise to consult with a trusted medical professional before taking up new habits. We’re pretty smart here at Vegan Cuts, but we’re not doctors, so please don’t confuse our articles for medical advice.

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Vegan Supplements Part I: The Essentials

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This week on the Vegan Cuts blog, we’re explaining all the essential supplements for vegans to explore. Come back next week to learn about other supplements that may be helpful in fueling your vegan machine (your body, that is!).

Even the most well-balanced vegan diet needs a little help from time to time. Maybe you’ve added some fresh juice to your diet, and that’s a good thing. But you can (and should) do more. You don’t need to pop a ton of pills in order to stay healthy on a vegan diet, but there are a few additions to your medicine cabinet that will keep you strong and healthy.

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