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The Perfect Brunch Bundt: Glazed Mini-Lemon Bundt Cakes Recipe


As you may know, The Vegg has come out with an awesome new product for all of you vegan bakers out there! Instead of using their vegan egg yolk powder, you can try out their baking mix for your marvelous vegan creations. If you’re stumped on where to start, check out this delectable and ADORABLE recipe for Mini-Lemon Bundt Cakes that I made. They’re perfect for Mother’s Day–which is coming up this weekend–in case you forgot.

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Asparagus Mushroom Omelette Recipe


Every day’s the perfect day for brunch…or so we think at Vegan Cuts. I’ll tell you right now that you’re going to be thinking the same thing once you read this Asparagus Mushroom Omelette Recipe. Vegan, wholesome, and protein-packed—what more could you looking for in a savory, day starting meal for two

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Mexican Frittata Bites Recipe with The Vegg

Photos by Jackie Sobon

As someone whose last experience with The Vegg vegan egg yolk was about a year ago, I’d have to say that I was really excited to work with it again. This time, I had breakfast on my mind, which seems to be a recurring theme in my recipes lately. I needed to create something that was easy to make, but had flare and tons of flavor. The Vegg is currently on sale at Vegan Cuts if you’d like to pick some up and give it a try.

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Summer Veggie Casserole made with The Vegg

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When The Vegg first came out, I was extremely intrigued as to how this product may differ from other egg substitutes for vegans that are already on the market. Would it even taste like an egg? Would it achieve the slimy sticky texture that makes for good use in baking, breading, among other things? Once I started experimenting with it, it was plain to see that The Vegg makes a yolk-type mixture that is pretty dang close!
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