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Vegan Cuts Beauty Box – March Roundup


Instagrammers share their beauty boxes from left to right: @alivegan, @corinna_lynn, @jamiepear, and @wloveandsqualor

Now that spring is here, color palettes are changing and so are our beauty products and routines. Last month’s Vegan Cuts Beauty Box took that into consideration by including nail lacquer, sugar scrub, and hair care products designed to help ease you into the seasonal transition.

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Vegan Cuts Beauty Box – February Roundup

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So much beauty lovin’ from left to right: @stellarbombs, @pinktiffidget, @knittinggoo, and @beardophile

One of the best things about February aside from overdosing on love and chocolate, is that it usually only has 28 days. That means if you subscribe to the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, your next box arrives before you know it! We made sure to fill last month’s box with plenty of lovable items including tea light candles, sensuous hand cream, and richly-pigmented lipstick. And the March box? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see!

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Vegan Cuts Beauty Box – January Roundup


A little Beauty Box lovin’ from: (Top) @cadryskitchen, @stay_at_home_vegan (Bottom) @ljblog, @mrsrusz

Oh my goodness, how is it February already? Most of us have barely settled into the new year and January is long gone! If you subscribe to the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, you know that last month we included an assortment of beauty goodies aimed at making you look, feel, and smell your best for the start of 2014.

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Vegan Cuts Beauty Box – October Roundup


Instagrammers show off their Beauty Box treats! L to R:  @jenellegloria, @hpitlick, and @ayearofboxes

Oh-oh-oh Octoberwell, October’s gone but it’s not too late for us to celebrate another month of vegan beauty goodness! Here’s a roundup of the products we featured in last month’s Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.

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Vegan Cuts Beauty Box – September Roundup

I don’t know where I’d be without my monthly delivery of cruelty-free beauty products. Well, I do know I’d be wherever “there” is with chapped lips and dry skin. The horror, the horror! Read more…

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box – August Roundup

Instagram users love the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box! Clockwise from the top: @thatgoesinthere, @carrielkthmovie@thespookyvegan, and @vegancookiemonster.

Ladies, if you haven’t been receiving an amazing box of vegan beauty products every month, you’re really missing out! Each month, we select a fun and interesting array of beauty goodies and ship them around the world. Why haven’t you signed up yet?

For just $19.95 a month (with free shipping to U.S. addresses), you’ll receive a box of full and sample size vegan beauty products worth $35 or more. You don’t have to be a mathematician to realize that’s a great deal! We also have special contests just for Beauty Box subscribers, where you can win even more awesome products.

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