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Vegan Kitchen Tools: How to Sprout, Brew Kombucha, and Ferment Veggies at Home


With springtime in full swing, many of us start thinking about gardening and other sustainable ways to grow our own foods. In the past month, I have grown an abundance of sprouts and brewed a few gallons of kombucha. And I’m already planning ahead for summer canning! There’s just something so satisfying about do-it-yourself projects. Want to feel like a scientist in your kitchen? Read on to learn which DIY products are most loved by the Vegan Cuts team.

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DIY Sprouting: Lentil, Alfalfa and Mung


Have you been waiting to learn how to grow sprouts for awhile? The easiest way to grow sprouts at home is with a kit. I’d recommend the Sustainable Santa Cruz’s GreenSprout Kit because it’s super easy to use—all you need is a widemouth mason jar and a bit of patience. There’s no dirt required. Each kit comes with everything else you need: sprouting screen, organic cotton produce bag, 6 ounces of organic sprouting seeds, and instructions with a sprouting chart. You’ll have a jar filled with seriously cute, nutritious sprouts in just 3-4 days.

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