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Vegan Berry Smoothie Granola Bowl Recipe

Smoothie Bowl

You’ve probably had your fair share of green smoothies for breakfast, but if you’ve never had a smoothie bowl you are seriously missing out! Smoothie bowls are usually made up of a tasty smoothie base, a granola-type topping and sometimes fruit or nuts on top. In this case, we have a cacao-berry-spinach-smoothie base and Emmy’s delectable Cacao Coconut Super Cereal to top it off. Read more…

Summertime Sips: Strawberry & Basil Smoothie


Summertime produce is perhaps my most favorite, not only because it’s delicious, but because it’s so vibrant and colorful! Here in the Pacific Northwest, strawberries are at their peak and local fields are overflowing with the sweet, bright red berries. I recently picked close to 18 pounds of strawberries and needed a quick and simple way to use them. Meet the Strawberry & Basil Smoothie.

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Giveaway: NUWI Quinoa Smoothie

NUWI Quinoa Smoothie drinkQuinoa is not a foreign word in most vegan vocabularies. We know it well as a substitute for rice and pasta, and as a lovely crunchy addition to granolas and other snacks. It’s even delicious when cooked into a pudding. But, have you ever thought about drinking it?

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Review: Kaeng Raeng Detox Program

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I’ve never been on or used a detox program before, so when I began my trial with Kaeng Raeng‘s 3-day Detox program I really didn’t know what to expect. Was I going to be hungry all of the time? Was I going to lose weight? Was I going to feel energized or would I be sluggish? I had lots of thoughts going through my mind, and over the three days I received most of my answers.

Before starting the detox program, I looked over the instructions, which were very simple and easy to follow. Not only did they tell you how to make the smoothies with the dried mix, but they also give you details about how to prepare for a detox before you start (what to eat, etc.).

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