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Vegan Cuts Loves Vendors Who Give Back

At Vegan Cuts, we’re in it for the animals. And the planet. And the people. So, it’s no surprise that we love our vendors who look for ways to give back. Some of them donate a percentage of their profits to animal welfare charities, environmental organizations, and their local communities. Still others work to ensure that the ingredients they source are sustainable and fair trade. We love them all!

If you’re keen on voting with your dollars and helping to make the world and even better-better place with your Vegan Cuts purchases, check out what some of our most generous vendors are doing to give back to the world.

Recycled Products and Packaging on Vegan Cuts

Image: andy arthur via Flickr 

If you’re walking around on this planet with your eyes and ears at least partially open, you know the mantra. Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. For many of us, recycling in our homes is just part of the routine. Perhaps you consciously buy products with less packaging (reduce), find ways to give a second life to something no longer needed (reuse), or look for facilities to transform your waste into new goods (recycle). All of these actions are important to the overall goal: reducing our impact on the environment.
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Top 5 Non-GMO Certified Products on Vegan Cuts

Here at Vegan Cuts, we support companies who are making a move toward non-GMO ingredients and we currently work with many of them to help get their products into the hands of concerned, conscientious consumers. (That’s you guys!)

If you’re not currently living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the term “GMO” flying around a lot lately. Many product manufacturers, both of food and personal care items, are starting to label their products as “non-GMO” as well. What’s the big deal about GMO ingredients? Why should you care if companies are turning away from GMO use? We’ve got all your answers (and some pretty sweet products) right here.

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Vegan Deodorant Options (That Actually Work!)

Vegan Deodorant

Vegan Deodorant

When you go vegan, you suddenly find yourself spending a lot of time reading the ingredient labels of all the products in your house. Unfortunately, your next step is often a sad one. You must go on a quest for a vegan replacement for a product you’ve come to trust.

Deodorant is one of the most challenging personal care products a vegan shopper must seek out. Sure, there are lots of vegan deodorants on the market, but if you’ve tried a few, you know that their efficacy can be hit or miss. No fear. This is a list of tried-and-true vegan deodorants that actually work to banish the stink and keep you smelling and feeling fresh and cruelty-free all day long.

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