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Review: Rawjuvenate Organic Vegan Detox by Raw Green Organics

Rawjuvenate Vegan Detox

Photo courtesy of Amy Gedgaudas

Confession: I have a sweet tooth. And I’m not talking about the occasional need for a treat. I’m talking about “Give me a cookie now!” Every single day. Sure, my meals are composed of smoothies, protein-rich salads, and tons of delicious produce, but the evil sugar monster still controls part of my brain. That’s why I was delighted at the opportunity to review the Rawjuvenate Organic Detox System by Raw Green Organics.

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Rawjuvenate Detox Review: Organic Super Greens & Protein Powder

Not too long ago, my door bell rang and I found myself in possession of the Rawjuvenate Detox System by Raw Green Organics. Am I the healthiest vegan? Um, no. Do I eat vegan ice cream for dinner sometimes? No comment. While I love my kale and I often eat a salad, I’ll admit, I could certainly use more healthy options in my routine, so the Rawjuvenate system is a welcome addition in my household.

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