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Colcannon Pizza: A Twist on the Classic Irish Staple


With St. Paddy’s day coming up, what better way to celebrate than with pizza? Wait, what? Okay, so maybe pizza isn’t a traditional Irish dish, but Colcannon is! I’ve taken the standard mashed version of Colcannon and changed it up a bit so that I could use it as a pizza topping. Boy, am I glad that I did, this pizza turned out delicious!

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Veggie-filled Zucchini Boats with Parmela Parmesan

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Despite there being an abundance of vegan cheese substitutes on the market today, vegan Parmesan cheese has not been a subject that has been tackled with incredible success. But, now times are changing and although the texture isn’t true to pre-vegan life, the taste of Parmela is great and it goes with nearly everything! Plus, the ingredients list is short, and void of crazy chemicals and preservatives. What better a recipe to use it with than a healthy entree of Zucchini Boats?

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