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Chipotle Cayenne Popcorn Recipe

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Ever since I was little, popcorn has been one of my mom’s favorite snacks. Lunch, dinner, snack time? Doesn’t matter, she’s always down for popcorn. Unfortunately, her go-to popcorn snacks come from the microwave bags and are just plain not good for you. Luckily, she’s mostly moved on to a popcorn popper, but even then, the oil/seasoning/popcorn packets you get with them are pretty underwhelming. Read more…

Our Favorite Vegan Dog Food Brands


Companion animals hold a special place in our hearts so of course we want to show them love by giving them the best food and treats. We also know there’s some controversy around plant-based pooches, so we did a little research to share a few of our favorite dog food options with you.  Read more…

Top 5 Non-GMO Certified Products on Vegan Cuts

Here at Vegan Cuts, we support companies who are making a move toward non-GMO ingredients and we currently work with many of them to help get their products into the hands of concerned, conscientious consumers. (That’s you guys!)

If you’re not currently living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the term “GMO” flying around a lot lately. Many product manufacturers, both of food and personal care items, are starting to label their products as “non-GMO” as well. What’s the big deal about GMO ingredients? Why should you care if companies are turning away from GMO use? We’ve got all your answers (and some pretty sweet products) right here.

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