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5 Vegan Gifts Under $15

5 Gifts Under $15


Want to know a secret? You can be a masterful gift giver without emptying your wallet! Check out these gift suggestions we’ve found that keep your gift-giving budget under $15 per person.

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4 Tips for Sharing the Vegan Message with Kids


As the late Whitney Houston once sang, children are the future so it’s imperative that we teach them to carry on our cruelty-free ways of living. Okay, Whitney Houston only sang the first part but we believe both equally.

That’s why we were so very excited when Ruby Roth, author of V is for Vegan and Vegan is Love, accepted our request that she share a couple of her tips for teaching the younger generations about veganism.

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Review + Giveaway: AllerMates Allergy Awareness Products for Kids

AllerMates vegan wristband

The number of kids with food allergies is growing, and parents are always looking for new ways to safeguard their kids against potential food hazards. You can do a lot to teach your kids about food allergies and food safety, but having a little extra layer of protection can help avoid troubles. AllerMates provides just that protection, with a wide variety of kid-oriented products to help signify food allergies, sensitivities, and dietary choices.

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