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Eco-Friendly Product Roundup: Fluoride-Free Toothpaste, Aluminum-Free Deodorant + More


Making greener choices in our daily lives is much simpler than you might think! If you’ve been wanting to be kinder to the planet (and yourself) but don’t know where to start, check out the following Vegan Cuts marketplace products that get our green thumb(s) of approval.

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The Big Unstink: 5 Easy Tips for Fighting Body Odor Naturally


Living an active and cruelty-free lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to be stinky all the time. Whether you’re a runner, swimmer, or yogi, smelling (and feeling) fresh is possible, we promise! Switching to an aluminum-free natural deodorant is a good place to start. Kristin Jones, founder of GREENBODY, shares her tips for making the transition to natural deodorant easier.

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