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Vegan Kitchen Tools: How to Sprout, Brew Kombucha, and Ferment Veggies at Home


With springtime in full swing, many of us start thinking about gardening and other sustainable ways to grow our own foods. In the past month, I have grown an abundance of sprouts and brewed a few gallons of kombucha. And I’m already planning ahead for summer canning! There’s just something so satisfying about do-it-yourself projects. Want to feel like a scientist in your kitchen? Read on to learn which DIY products are most loved by the Vegan Cuts team.

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DIY Sprouting: Lentil, Alfalfa and Mung


Have you been waiting to learn how to grow sprouts for awhile? The easiest way to grow sprouts at home is with a kit. I’d recommend the Sustainable Santa Cruz’s GreenSprout Kit because it’s super easy to use—all you need is a widemouth mason jar and a bit of patience. There’s no dirt required. Each kit comes with everything else you need: sprouting screen, organic cotton produce bag, 6 ounces of organic sprouting seeds, and instructions with a sprouting chart. You’ll have a jar filled with seriously cute, nutritious sprouts in just 3-4 days.

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Mother’s Day Gifts on Vegan Cuts

Image: moodboardphotography via Flickr

Springtime means that Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and this is one holiday you really can’t afford to slack on. You want to stay on Mom’s good side, don’t you?

Sometimes, moms are easy to shop for. If your dear mum has a growing collection of jewelry charms or a penchant for a particular fragrance, you might be tempted to fall in line and gift her something she already knows, loves, and has probably been receiving for years. Consider breaking out of the norm and spoiling mom with some new treats of the vegan variety instead. Whether your mom is vegan or not, she’s sure to appreciate a unique gift from an ethical company.

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DIY Vegan Household Cleaners – On the Cheap!

Image: storebrukkebruse via Flickr

Being vegan spans way beyond what you put in your mouth and on your skin. It also extends to the clothes we wear, and the products we use in the rest of our everyday lives. Most people don’t give a second thought to whether or not there are animal products in their household cleaners, and frankly, sometimes it’s almost impossible to figure out whether they are or not.

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5 DIY Vegan Holiday Food Gifts

DIY Gifts

Food gifts are inexpensive to put together, delightful to make, and show that the giver has paid attention to the recipient’s tastes and preferences as far as foodstuffs are concerned. In the season of sharing, why not share a little love from one kitchen to another? Here are 5 DIY gifts you can make and present in a fancy jar:
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