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Review & Giveaway: Kaeng Raeng Three-Day Beginner’s Detox

Blend it up, little darlin’.
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Tell me if I’m alone in this: My decidedly-not-vegan-but-very-supportive family members ofttimes refer to me as if I am the epitome of health since I’m vegan and I’m a half-marathon runner. Of course, that’s all well and good if it inspires them to make more animal-friendly eating decisions. However, the lovely sprouting “V” stamped on the packaged foods that I eat doesn’t ensure that I’m not taking in ingredients that my body couldn’t necessarily do without. I also like wine. Like, really like wine.

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Drink Up! Juicing for Your Health

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Why juice?

Why not just eat the produce whole, right? Well, it’s not so simple. Actually, many of the healthy benefits of produce are locked inside the fiber and when you eat, say, a whole apple, some of those nutrients just pass right through your body, undigested. By juicing the produce, you can break those nutrients free from the fibers and enjoy their maximum benefits. Although we do need plant fiber in our diets, we also need the precious vitamins and minerals they hold within. Juicing is an easy way to digest them.

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Review: Kaeng Raeng Detox Program

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I’ve never been on or used a detox program before, so when I began my trial with Kaeng Raeng‘s 3-day Detox program I really didn’t know what to expect. Was I going to be hungry all of the time? Was I going to lose weight? Was I going to feel energized or would I be sluggish? I had lots of thoughts going through my mind, and over the three days I received most of my answers.

Before starting the detox program, I looked over the instructions, which were very simple and easy to follow. Not only did they tell you how to make the smoothies with the dried mix, but they also give you details about how to prepare for a detox before you start (what to eat, etc.).

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