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Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Recipe



Cookies make for the perfect, casual dessert. Lil’ morsels of baked, sweet goodness, in bite-sized pieces that are perfect for sharing — or not. These cookies have a special ingredient: Peanot Cups. These tasty morsels come from the awesome people over at Premium Chocolatiers. They are nut free and allergy friendly, perfect for eating on their own or incorporating into awesome recipes much like this one. Read more…

EatPastry Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies & *GIVEAWAY*

Vegan Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies

The Easter Bunny is coming soon and you know what that means. He’s going to be very hungry after hopping around to deliver all those baskets filled with vegan treats. Show Mr. Bunny some love and leave these nibble-worthy sandwich cookies in his path. They’re made with EatPastry Cookie Dough, an all-time favorite of the staff here at Vegan Cuts.

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