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Eco-Friendly Cards + Animal-Friendly Sweets: The Vegan Guide to Valentine’s Day


Now that it’s February, our attention shifts from New Year’s resolutions to flowers and hearts, thanks to love-filled Valentine’s Day. Whether you celebrate with a candlelit dinner for two, snuggled up with your number one, or not at all, we’re here to help sweeten the mood. Read more…

Squarebar: Review + Giveaway

Squarebar vegan snack bars

So… we concluded a Month of Monday giveaways at the end of August and you all probably thought we were done with the prizes. Wrong! We had so much fun giving away some of our favorite vegan products in August that we decided to continue doing it each Monday for a while to come. How long, you ask? Stay tuned to find out!

Today, we’re giving away an awesome stash of yummy vegan Squarebars. What the heck is a Squarebar? Well, it’s a protein bar! It’s a snack bar! It’s a candy bar! Squarebar doesn’t strive to be any one of these things. They’re all of them, rolled into one and individually wrapped for your convenience. Squarebar makes decadent, hearty, healthy vegan snack bars that are sure to satisfy your cravings at home or on the go.

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