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InFURiation: A Disturbing Fashion Trend

I can't even look at you in that fur t-shirt from Vaute Couture

“There is always a way to wear fur.”  – Anna Wintour

Ugh. It’s quotes like the one by Ms. Wintour there that keep the fur-as-fashion industry going, and that really has to stop.

How and when it was that wearing fur became a status symbol for the elite and attractive, we’ll never know. I’m guessing that a few tens of thousands of years ago, Grok gave Snurk a piece of pelt from some animal he’d killed and eaten, and she draped it over a shoulder to keep warm. Blurg thought Snurk looked prettier-than-usual and wanted a piece of pelt for herself, and so it began, and has kept going ever since. Or something. At the very least, back then it was a struggle for survival, and animals that were hunted for their food were used to their fullest potential, with skins as clothing, bones as tools, etc., but we’ve come a long way from those days, and there’s no excuse whatsoever to harm an animal for the sake of fashion.

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