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A Berry a Day Keeps the Vet Away: Cranimals™Product Review and Giveaway

As a pet parent to four fur babies, I’m always looking to improve the health of my cats and dogs. Enter Cranimals™—an all-vegan, Canadian-based whole food supplement company. With formulas to prevent and treat conditions from allergies to diabetes to cataracts and incontinence as well as home health check test kits to help you monitor your pet’s health, Cranimals™ offers peace of mind for pet owners. 

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Review + Giveaway: AllerMates Allergy Awareness Products for Kids

AllerMates vegan wristband

The number of kids with food allergies is growing, and parents are always looking for new ways to safeguard their kids against potential food hazards. You can do a lot to teach your kids about food allergies and food safety, but having a little extra layer of protection can help avoid troubles. AllerMates provides just that protection, with a wide variety of kid-oriented products to help signify food allergies, sensitivities, and dietary choices.

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