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5 Beauty Trends for 2014 by Tashina Combs

2014 Vegan Beauty Trends

The beginning of a new year may find you feeling many things—optimistic, nostalgic, or just straight overindulged, to name a few—but we want to make sure that you start your 2014 feeling absolutely gorgeous on the inside and out.

That’s why we asked our friend Tashina Combs, founder of vegan beauty and lifestyle blog Logical Harmony, to give us an overview of 2014 beauty trends. From your tresses to the tips of your fingers—and everything in between—Tashina’s got every part of your 2014 beauty regimen covered. Read on!

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Be Stylish and Kind: 2014 Fashion Forecast by Ashlee Piper


Who says you’ve got to be cruel to look fab? Well, maybe Beyonce with her crazy animal skin kicks. Sorry, Bey, we’re not buying it.

Fortunately for us, we know Ashlee Piper, founder of the award-winning style blog The Little Foxes, so we’ve got an in when it comes to the bunny-friendly fashion trends for the year ahead. In true Vegan Cuts fashion, we’re not keeping Ashlee all to ourselves, though! Read on to hear her picks for getting fab for the year ahead. Oh, and get your credit card ready because some of these are a steal!

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Going Vegan in 2014? 5 Ways to Make It Fun

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Each New Year, many people make resolutions to transition to a vegan diet and lifestyle. It can seem like a confusing and overwhelming change, but if you ask anyone who has been living it for years (like me), we’ll tell you it’s easier than it seems!

This post will offer up some simple advice to make it easier for new vegans to make the transition. If you’re not a brand new vegan in 2014, you may know someone who is or may have helpful tips of your own. Post them in the comments to help a new veg out, would you? Read more…