5 Places We Never Expected to Find Kale


St. Patrick’s Day has us in a green mood so why not push our festive spirits a little further by indulging in green foods all month long, too? Since we can’t really munch on shamrocks, let’s shift our focus towards the next best choice… Kale! Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamins A, C, and K—and a healthy dose of minerals and calcium, of course—this leafy green is becoming more popular every day.

Several Vegan Cuts staff members recenltly attended Natural Products Expo West and discovered a new food trend: Kale everything. Read on because you might be a bit surprised about just how far this trend goes.

1. Kale Granola Chocolate Bark by Coracao Confections
Admit it. You’re unbelievably curious about the clever combination of dark chocolate, granola, and kale. Crunchy, crispy, and sweet, this treat is made with Just Pure Foods‘ Chocolate Kale Nola and Coracao Confections‘ 81% dark chocolate. Double chocolate = double delicious.

2. Kale & Sea Salt Popcorn by Quinn Popcorn
We all have our favorite popcorn toppings, but have you ever thought about adding kale to the mix? Quinn Popcorn sure did. They use non-GMO popcorn, organic dried kale, and organic dried carrot to give this healthy, addictive snack a kick of salty and sweet in every bite.

Kale Popcorn

Photo via Quinn Popcorn

3. Kale Soda by Hansen’s Natural
When you don’t feel like juicing your kale, why not sip on a bubbly, sweet, kale-infused soda instead? Hansen’s Natural uses the real deal in this fun beverage—no artificial flavors here!

Kale Soda

Photo by Instagrammer @insufferablevegan

4. Outrageous Orange Kale Energy Bars by Bearded Brothers
I don’t know about you, but I never leave home without an energy bar tucked in my bag. It’s rather ingenious of the folks at Bearded Brothers to blend dates, figs, orange extract, kale, annnnnd beets into one nutritious, delicious, raw bar. This flavor is exclusive to Whole Foods Markets, so head on over to your nearest location and make your mouth happy! 


5. Greenosaurus Muffins by RaeFoods
Start you day with a mix of breakfast and dinner in the form of a savory muffin! RaeFoods‘ all-natural mini muffins contain chopped kale, cauliflower, and flax seeds to ensure you’re getting a balanced meal. Plus, how can you resist the adorable packaging?

Kale Muffins!

Photo via RaeFoods

And there you have it! Five fun new products featuring our beloved kale. Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Wendy

    These items that unexpectedly have kale look so fun and interesting! I hope I get to try some of them sometime.

  2. I sell kale donuts! :D They’re relatively famous in the local vegan community. My website’s under construction, but check ’em out here:

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