Holiday Wellness Tip #1: De-stress!


The holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Totally not vegan-friendly party spreads, annoyingly repetative questions (“But what do you eat?”) and family members who just don’t get it (“You eat chicken though, right?”) have us thinking everyone could use a little help to get through the season. That’s why we’re introducing our Holiday Wellness series which will offer you four posts on how the Vegan Cuts team makes it through this time of year.

Let’s get started with our first tip: De-stress! Read on for three ways that we keep our focus on wellness during stressful times.

1. Commit to wellness.

Can you tell we're on Day 5?

Can you tell we’re on Day 5?

Who says you have to wait for the first of the year to restart your commitment to your practice? Jill and I just finished a 7-day yoga challenge which involved—you guessed it—7 days of yoga. When we were feeling a little tired, we grabbed our mats and headed to the studio. When we were feeling a little stressed with all of the holiday planning, we grabbed our mats and headed to the studio.

Don’t have the funds to join a studio? That’s no excuse. Practice at home! These zen items will have you well on your way to a peaceful practice space.

2. Be here now.

Flash tats not required but recommended.

Flash tats not required but recommended.

From thinking about the next holiday party menu to trying to make it through your list of gifts to buy, it can be quite hard to stay in the moment throughout this season. Our recommendation: Wrap these hand strung mala beads around your wrist or drape them gently around your neck to bring a little reminder of what really matters to your everyday practice and life.

3. Indulge, but don’t overindulge.

All of the protein powders!

All of the protein powders!

The best way not to stress out over unhealthy treats? Indulge a little! Don’t skip the vegan cheese platters and dairy-free cookies, but don’t overdo it either. Even if you just stick to your daily smoothie and daily salad and then go a little wild on one meal a day, you’re going to feel much better than you would if you threw your healthy lifestyle completely out the window for the month.

Those are just three ways that we de-stress. What’d we miss? Comment below with your go-to tip for de-stressing during stressful times. 


  1. I think the number 1, is good choice for Christmas and for those days, huh…i think at my home full of guests…”Do you want turkey?” wow!

  2. Diane

    Be able to say “No”. Yes, family and friends all want you to be there, but to much running can be to much stress. Go to the events that most of the same people will be, to avoid the smaller gatherings. Lots less running. Lots less pot luck. More time to sit back and think about what the holiday really means.

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