5 Vegan Gifts Under $15

5 Gifts Under $15


Want to know a secret? You can be a masterful gift giver without emptying your wallet! Check out these gift suggestions we’ve found that keep your gift-giving budget under $15 per person.

For the Fashionista: Pura Botanica Faux Ostrich Essentials Pouch

Pura Botanica

The fashionista in your life is going to love this PETA-approved designer pouch, which boasts a faux ostrich texture and conveniently holds a stash of beauty essentials.

For the Beauty Lover: Vegan Cuts Cosmetic Bag and Nail File

Cosmetic Bag

The beauty lover may have her go-to beauty products, but does she have somewhere to store them? This limited edition Vegan Cuts Cosmetic Bag is paired with an emory board so that she can capture that look she wants while keeping all her products in one stylish place.

For the Foodie: Emmy’s Raw Chocolate Gift Pack

Emmy's Chocolate

Give the gift of guilt-free indulgence with this Chocolate Lover’s Gift Pack. It features Cacao Coconut Super Cereal, Dark Cacao Maroons and Raw Chocolate Sauce.

For the DIYer: Oregon Kombucha Basic Starter Kit

oregon kombucha


Save your giftee oh-so-much money by giving them all they need to brew their next batch of ‘buch at home rather than relying on store-bought bottles.

For the Kids: Steven the Vegan or The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle

totem talesTeach a message of compassion to the next generation of vegans with these titles. Have a few extra dollars? Get the best deal by grabbing both in this Totem Tales gift pack for just $20.

Happy shopping!

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