Resolve to be a Super Healthy Vegan in 2013

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Congratulations! You survived another holiday season. Did you make any healthy resolutions for 2013? Perhaps you’d like to have more energy. Maybe you’ve got your heart set on a smaller waist size. You could have your sights set on a cleaner lifestyle, or maybe you just need a little help getting back on track after weeks of holiday indulgence. If one or more of these things apply to you, these healthy tips are right up your alley.

1. Snack smart.
During the holidays, it’s easy to stray from our healthy snacking habits when cookies, candy, and other holiday sweets seem to be always at the ready. Ditch the sweets this month and pack your pantry with good-for-you snacks, like fresh fruit and veggies or unsalted nuts. Bored with those? Try something new! How about a variety pack of SeaSnax or some high-protein Health Warrior Chia Bars? For a unique healthy snack, try Sacha Vida Seeds, in a variety of flavors (including the deceptively indulgent chocolate-coated seeds!) If you’re a chronic snacker, you may want to control your snack portions by putting single servings into smaller containers, so you won’t have the opportunity to over-indulge.

2. Plan ahead.
If necessity was the mother of invention, then temptation is the mother of unhealthy habits. Planning your meals in advance and shopping with a grocery list can help you avoid overeating and get back on track. If you’re new to meal planning, enlist the help of an online service like Veggie Meal Maker to select recipes, plan meals, create shopping lists, and organize your life.

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3. Get moving.
Holiday events are often full of sitting around while packing in the calories. Now that you’ve turned over a new calendar, it’s time to get that body of yours moving again. Just be sure to ease into it to avoid injury! Whenever possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Consider using a standing desk at work. Take the long way around the grocery store instead of cutting through the aisles. For some people, the only way to get enough exercise in the winter months is to join a gym. Luckily, many gyms offer free trial visits and great deals on memberships in the new year. If you don’t like working out solo, check out a fitness class and meet some new friends who share your health goals. For an added boost to your workout, load up on protein before and after you hit the gym, with PlantFusion Protein powder. Looking for more energy to get you through the winter blues? Check out It’s Moringa, a supplement made from a native Indian tree.

4. Rest and restore.
Don’t feel guilty about taking it easy after the holidays. The hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, travel, parties, and stress can leave us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Beat the stress by planning quiet, restorative time in the new year. Book a massage or a spa treatment, or pamper yourself at home with time out for meditation, a relaxing bath, or even just quiet time with a book.

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5. Hydrate.
If you indulged in festive adult beverages during the holiday season, you may have neglected to keep up your daily water intake. Being dehydrated can leave us feeling tired and sluggish, and might lead to additional weight gain. Hydration is just as important in the winter months as it is in the heat of summer, so you should be drinking the same amount of water. Use a hydration calculator to determine how much water you should drink, and carry a reusable bottle with you to make it easy and convenient to get hydrated.

No matter what your health or fitness goals are for 2013, following these 5 tips should help bring them within reach.

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