Starting Your Practice: Aligning Vinyasa Yoga



Have you heard? We teamed up with Laura Ahrens, a yoga teacher and the co-founder of Miakoda, for our Vegan Yoga Box. Along with helping us choose the perfect products for the shanti-promoting Box, Laura gave us a few tips on aligning Vinyasa yoga in the form of a handy sheet. Of course we want to share it with you!

Download “Starting Your Practice: A Beginner’s Guide to Aligning Vinyasa Yoga with Laura Ahrens” here.

Here’s what Laura has to say about flow yoga:

Building a strong and sustainable yoga practice requires patience and willingness. A solid foundation determines the integrity of what’s built on it, and with time our practice will have strong roots that nourish its growth.

When we search for the connections and sensations that the elements of alignment insight in our bodies, rather than trying to create a pose the way we think it should appear, we come into more honest relationship with ourselves and our practice provides a platform for deeper growth, as well as a laboratory for deeper physical expression.

These poses are foundational to the vinyasa practice, and are shapes upon which many more complex connections and postures can be built. The beginning shapes of vinyasa, regardless of one’s level of experience as a practitioner, still create strong connections that will foster muscular and spiritual strength.


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