Soy-Free, Vegan Nut Cheese Roundup

 Nut Cheese

Oh, the holidays—the perfect time to eat tons of delicious vegan food…and to share some with friends and family, of course! Our favorite way to spread the compassionate love during the holiday seasons is by veganizing those staples that you’ll find at every holiday party. One of our favorites: The cheese platter! Read on for our top five cheeses that are our holiday go-tos. A bonus: Our favorite flavors are all soy free! 

1. SunRAWise


Our Favorite Flavor for the Holidays: Rosemary. It offers a semi hard and firm texture with a creamy inside. Turmeric and crushed organic herbs give this cheese its very aromatic taste.

Why It Makes Our Holiday Must List: Each delicious cheese is raw, aged naturally and handcrafted with organic, non-GMO ingredients.

2. Vtopian


Photo by Vtopian

Our Favorite Flavor for the Holidays: Cranberry Brie. Vegans can have Brie thanks to Vtopian—why are people still eating cruelty-filled cheese again?

Why It Makes Our Holiday Must List: Um, it’s Brie. Vegan Brie. You need no more of a reason.

3. Avellana


Photo by Avellana

Our Favorite Flavor for the Holidays: Cinnamon. It’s a given: The holidays and cinnamon go together like vegan cheese plates and caper berries.

Why It Makes Our Holiday Must List: Now, we love a cashew cheese but it’s pretty nice to have another nutty alternative to spice things up a bit.

4. Punk Rawk Labs


Photo by Punk Rawk Labs

Our Favorite Flavor for the Holidays: Herb Cashew. Creamy cashews + earthy flavor = a fit for any special occasion.

Why It Makes Our Holiday Must List: It’s all in the process at Punk Rawk Labs. These kinder cheese alternatives follow the same process that’s followed for making dairy cheese, just with less animal suffering in the mix.

5. Ste Martaen


Photo by Ste Martaen

Our Favorite Flavor for the Holidays: Olive. It’s like a cheese platter + olive plate rolled into one sliceable piece of heaven.

Why It Makes Our Holiday Must List: Free of additional oils and emulsifiers, Ste Martaen’s short ingredient list for each of their cheese is enough to make any health conscious vegan fall in love with it.

6. Miyoko’s Kitchen

Fresh Loire Valley

Photo by Miyoko’s Kitchen

Our Favorite Flavor for the Holidays: All of the Harvest Collection but, if we have to choose, we’d go Fresh Loire Valley in a Fig Leaf. Wine-soaked fig leaves say holidays to us.

Why It Makes Our Holiday Must List: There’s a reason the launch of Miyoko’s cheese line was the talk of the town—these cheeses are creamy, aromatic and the perfect way to win dairy eaters over to our kind team!

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