Pumpkins are Taking Over the Vegan World

The 2014 All-Star Vegan Pumpkin Lineup

Guys, a new roundup is in order because there’s a ubiquitous ingredient in town and rather than being green and leafy, it’s orange and round…ish. You guessed it—I’m talking about pumpkin and its pumpkin spice counterpart. As October rolls around so do these seasonal squashes, from showing up on doorsteps to showing up on product packages that leave us doing a double take. We’ve collected some of the most surprising—and some the most delicious—places that we’ve seen the pumpkin craze strike, all for your tasting pleasure.

Coracao Confections Pumpkin



Califia Pumpkin Spice Latte Cold Brewed Coffee

Photo via Califia
Coffee + Warm Fall Flavors = One Trend We Get Way, Way Behind


Photo via Sweet and Sara

Photo via Sweet and Sara
Can’t you just taste the pumpkin-y goodness?

Sauces + Other Cooking Essentials

Think the whole pumpkin spice craze will stick to the pantry? No way! We’ve also spotted it on the beauty scene in products like Desert Essence Pumpkin Spice Lotion and Floss Gloss Donatella nail polish. The Great Pumpkin can’t be stopped and rumor has it this pumpkin spice color is going to be included in the October Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.

Photo via Floss Gloss

So, there you have it—a tasty trend that’s working it’s way through the kitchen and into wardrobes everywhere this fall. And now for predictions from you, trendspotters: Which vegetable/fruit do you think will be the next to join the ranks of kale and pumpkin? Share in the comments below!


  1. ash

    make a vegan cuts box with these pumpkin products immediately! I need them….

  2. Sparrow

    This looks fantastic.

  3. Kristin

    I ordered the pumpkin spice nail polish but then I went to the Floss Gloss Facebook page, I noticed there was a pic of someone wearing fur. It may have been fake fur but I’m a still little upset about this.

    • Laura

      Hi Kristin,

      We’re sorry that you are upset! At Vegan Cuts, we aim to support companies that aren’t necessarily vegan but that have vegan products because we want them to see just how great the demand for vegan products are. We see it as our way to out-vote cruel products and cast our vote for cruelty-free ones. Floss Gloss is not a vegan company, but their nail polishes are vegan so that’s what led us to feature them.

      Thank you for letting us know and we hope that you understand our decision! Please let us know if you have any other comments or questions.


  4. Orisia

    I just had Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Rolls this week… Amazing!

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