Going Vegan in 2014? 5 Ways to Make It Fun

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Each New Year, many people make resolutions to transition to a vegan diet and lifestyle. It can seem like a confusing and overwhelming change, but if you ask anyone who has been living it for years (like me), we’ll tell you it’s easier than it seems!

This post will offer up some simple advice to make it easier for new vegans to make the transition. If you’re not a brand new vegan in 2014, you may know someone who is or may have helpful tips of your own. Post them in the comments to help a new veg out, would you?

5 Tips for Going Vegan in 2014

1. Learn what’s vegan.

Chances are, a lot of things you have been eating for years are vegan. How’s that? Well, because vegan food is really just food! Check out the Accidentally Vegan Food List by PETA to see which of your old favorites still fits into your cruelty-free lifestyle.

2. Get your friends and family involved.

No, I’m not suggesting you strong arm your mates into taking the vegan plunge if they’re not ready. However, you can enlist their help in exploring delicious new dishes regardless of their personal dietary choices. So, host a dinner party to share some vegan noms, or set up a potluck and suggest recipes for your pals to make.

3. Forgive yourself.

Changing habits is not easy. It takes time. Whether you’ve decided to go vegan for ethical reasons, for health, or a combination of the two, try to remember that nobody is perfect. If you happen to slip up a time or two, realize that it’s a learning process. Try to keep your focus on the big picture. You’re on the road to better things! That’s what matters.

4. Join a cookbook club.

There are so many vegan cookbooks on the market that you may not know where to start. By following an online cookbook club, like the one Vegan Mainstream hosts on Google Plus, you can get a good introduction to new cookbooks, see dishes prepared by others, and share your experiences and questions.

5. Reach out and make new friends.

Vegan and vegetarian meetup groups are an easy way to get connected and find support for your new habits. Many groups hold regular meetings that are really just social events centered around community activities and food. No matter what your level of involvement, being connected with local people who share your ideas will help you meet your goals!


  1. turtle

    Aside from the strong lust for cheese I never had a problem when i went from vegetarian to vegan last spring. My family has cut back on some items and even switched from milk to almond (which is so easy to make). I (in a light jokey manner) try to convert everyone in my family! :)

  2. Julie

    I am a vegetarian trying to make the change to vegan and am having some trouble – especially with a husband that is still eating meat, I think it would be so much easier with this meetup group you mention! How do I go about finding one?

    • Cat

      I suggest looking on meetup.com or searching Yahoo Groups for your area. Some groups don’t use those tools, and can usually be found just by searching “vegan meetup group in (your city)”. Good luck!

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