Vegan Kitchen Tools: How to Sprout, Brew Kombucha, and Ferment Veggies at Home


With springtime in full swing, many of us start thinking about gardening and other sustainable ways to grow our own foods. In the past month, I have grown an abundance of sprouts and brewed a few gallons of kombucha. And I’m already planning ahead for summer canning! There’s just something so satisfying about do-it-yourself projects. Want to feel like a scientist in your kitchen? Read on to learn which DIY products are most loved by the Vegan Cuts team.

Sprout Kit

Sustainable Santa Cruz’s Green Sprout Kit will have you munching on bright, crisp, nutritious sprouts in just 3-4 days! This tidy little kit includes three varieties of organic sprouting seeds, an organic cotton produce bag, a sprouting screen, and instructions with a sprouting guide. You supply a mason jar; there’s no dirt required. Add your homegrown sprouts to salads, sandwiches, wraps, and more.

Sprout Kit

Photo by Jackie Sobon

Kombucha Kit

If brewing beverages is more your thing, try the Kombucha Starter Kit from Oregon Kombucha. Each kit contains live kombucha culture (a.k.a. SCOBY) which can be reused multiple times, an organic tea bag, and instructions. All you need to do is boil water, add sugar, and be patient. In 7-28+ days, depending on desired taste, you will have an entire gallon of fizzy, good-for-you kombucha to sip.

Kombucha Kit

Photo by Jackie Sobon

Fermenting Crock Kit

And we’ve got one more rather awesome one for you: Raw Rutes is a Buffalo, NY based company with a focus on harvesting, dehydrating, and fermenting foods. Their product line includes tofu presses, canners, fermentation crocks, dehydrators, and even garden beds–everything you need to celebrate and enjoy homegrown, homemade foods. We’re particularly fond of the Fermenting Crock Kit which is ideal for those who are just getting started with fermenting or those who are seasoned pros. It comes with a 5 liter ceramic crock, sauerkraut starter spice packet, weights for fermenting, an adhesive chalkboard label + chalk, and an 18″ hardwood stomper. Head on down to the bottom of this post to find out how you can win one of these kits plus a copy of The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz.

5L fermenting Crock

Photo by Raw Rutes


  1. Jenelle York

    I would be thrilled to try traditional kraut in the fermenting crock!

  2. Jodi

    Cabbage, for sure!

  3. Julia

    I would try to ferment kimchi first! :)

  4. Jayme

    I love Kombucha sooo much and would make it all the time if I could!

  5. Kitty Iecvan

    I’d ferment some sauerkraut!

  6. TJ

    I’ve been wanting to try making sauerkraut for forever, but I’ve been intimidated about finding the right vessel and doing it correctly. So I would definitely try sauerkraut first!!

  7. I would love to ferment carrots! I had them a few times before and they’re so good!

  8. Gin

    I am interested in all three but most interested in the fermenting kit and the kombucha kit since fermented foods are anti inflammatory and thus pain reducing.

  9. Eleanor

    i’ve never tried kombucha and i would love to make my own! i hear it is amazing!

  10. I plan on making an awesome kraut with seaweed!

  11. I’d definitely try sauerkraut. I’ve tried it before and not had any luck. I think this would help me!

  12. Jenn Gerdts

    I have wanted one of these for a long time!! Love me some Kimchi!!!

  13. I am not sure where I would start. Maybe with beets. Thank you for the giveaway.

  14. Sauerkraut is my secret boo! Love it!

  15. Bonnie

    Sauerkraut for sure but kimchi would be close second

  16. Yum-I love making my own sauerkraut!!

  17. Since it’s spring and early veggies will be out soon, I’m thinking a nice spring/early summer kimchi first!

  18. Patricia Herz

    Can’t wait to try to DIY

  19. Elizabeth

    I really want to make my own sauerkraut!!!

  20. Concetta

    I have wanted to try sauerkraut forever!

  21. Heide

    I’d love to try sauerkraut!

  22. I would love to try fermenting some soy beans to make my own tempeh at home!

  23. Greg

    I love making sauerkraut already, but I don’t have a crock yet!

  24. Elizabeth Handler

    I would try sauerkraut and sprouting. I’m not a fan of Kombucha.

  25. Laurie

    I’ve been wanting to try sauerkraut for quite awhile!

  26. Ashley

    I have been wanting to try sprouting forever, I would love it!

  27. Courtney

    I would totally make some kraut!


  28. Cheryl Osten

    I would love to try any of those to keep me more healthy.

  29. Bethany

    I would most definitely try sauerkraut!!!

  30. Ally

    Kimchi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Purlple/red cabbage!

  31. turtlemoon

    oooh! I used to make our families yogurt, cheeses etc and have grown sprouts as well as attempting to make kombucha… something not right happened, lol. This would be fanastic! Caggabe would be a definate option (kraut, kimchee) but it would be fun to experiment with other items as well :)

  32. Valerie

    Nom nom

  33. Kris

    I’ve been wanting to try to ferment my own veggies for a couple of years. This crock looks like a great way to get me started!

  34. angelica

    Totally would love to get on he fermenting bandwagon. It’s a bit intimidating but would try making kombucha first, then sauerkraut, then yogurt……

  35. Shannon

    I’ve wanted to try fermenting for a long time! Cabbage would be my first.

  36. I’d have to go with kraut for my first attempt!

  37. Michelle


  38. michelle micci

    that would be awesome to win

  39. I would love to try my hand at Saurekraut or kimchi.

  40. Andrea

    My fiance would love this! He’s attempted to make kraut before and failed, so that would be the first thing.

  41. Amanda

    I have never tried fermenting my own food so I would love to give this a try!

  42. Sabrina

    I’ve made sauerkraut from scratch before, but always in a glass jar….I’d love to try it in an actual crock!! Much easier, I’d imagine!! I’ve never tried to make kimchi, even though it’s one of my favorite foods! =D

  43. Shirley Walrod

    I would like to find uses for cabbage other than slaw.

  44. Ashley

    Definitely sauerkraut! It’s so hard to find real sauerkraut like I remember from Germany.

  45. Kara

    I’ve been dying to get back in the ‘bucha game! I loved the kit from Oregon Kombucha when I got it last year! It lasted me many months, but I let my SCOBY die :(.

  46. Nicole

    Can’t wait to try sauerkraut and I love kombucha!!!

  47. Sarah


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