Reward Yourself, Vegan Style

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If you live in the Northern hemisphere, chances are that it’s been kind of a tough winter. The weather’s been unpredictable and, at times, brutal. Although spring is just around the corner, it can still feel a long way off. Before the weather warms up and you can break free from your winter blues once and for all, take some time to reward yourself. You know, just for being you.

Whether you’ve been faithful to your New Years’ resolutions or you fell off the wagon in mid-January, you still deserve to be celebrated. In this age of smartphones, tablets, busy schedules, multiple hats, and constant distractions, it can be all too easy to forget your most important job: taking care of yourself.

If you’re vegan, chances are that you’re at least somewhat concerned with your physical health, so that’s a start. Set aside some time to focus on your mental and emotional health as well, so that the whole package can work together.

Visit the Spa – At Home
A spa day can be the ultimate reward-yourself treat, but it can also be an ultimate wallet crusher. Instead of blowing your hard earned cash on a couple hours at a fancy spa, invest in some supplies to bring the spa home to you. With a soft new bathrobe and a few special treats from Vegan Cuts, you’ll be all set up to make any day a spa day, without leaving the house.

Lavender Rosemary Soy Candle from Meow Meow Tweet

Body Scrub from Sprout Skincare

White Chocolate Truffle Face Moisturizer from Mulondon

Get Fancied Up
Sometimes, a new look is all you need to feel refreshed and ready to take on the world. But you don’t have to change your wardrobe or hack off your hair. Adding just a little something special to your accessory selection can give you a new lease on creatively expressing yourself. A chic new nail polish shade never hurt anyone either.

Zuma Purse from Namaste Inc

Mila Wallet from Gunas

Your new favorite shade of vegan nail polish from Lvx

Reward Your Favorite Guy
Dudes need to reward themselves, also, but sometimes they need a little inspiration. Your special guy may not be interested in a spa experience or a new something shiny, but he’s sure to love having a few special products just for him. I’d venture to guess that most guys aren’t likely to treat themselves to new body care products, but I don’t know any man who wouldn’t be touched that you’re still thinking of him, even after Valentine’s Day has passed.

Mustachio Wax from Brooklyn Grooming

Three Organic Soaps from Moksa Organics

Vegan Lip Balm Trio from Lip Fix

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