Expo West 2013 Vegan Roundup + *GIVEAWAY* – CLOSED

Vegan Cuts

Ready, set, sample! Like our new tees?

Last week, Vegan Cuts Founder Jill and I (Stephanie, your friendly Sales + Community Manager) embarked on an adventure of epic proportions. The Natural Products Expo West was an enormous showcase of thousands of products from food to bath & body to cosmetics to supplements to home goods. The Vegan Cuts team is on a never-ending search for the best new vegan products to pass on to our members, so it is part of our duty to go to shows like Expo West—but we also had a ton of fun!

It’s Not Just About the Food

We got to spend time with a ton of amazing people.

Vegan Cuts

Some of our fabulous vendors (from top left): Jem Raw Chocolate, Rawxies, Wholesome Chow, Just Pure Foods, Dang Coconut Chips, Chicago Vegan Foods, CORE, and S.W. Basics (formally Sprout Skincare)

Fun hangs with Eat Pastry, The Vegan Zombie crew, Eco-Vegan Gal, and Jill!

Vegan Cuts Chloe Coscarelli

Guess who loves Vegan Cuts? It’s award-winning vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli!

New Products Galore 

We tried great new products from popular national brands…

Vegan Cuts

Coming to you soon: New Tofurkey Pockets, Pot Pies, and Quiches; New Kettle Vegan Maple Bacon chips; New Daiya Frozen Gluten-Free Pizzas; Beyond Meat Chicken-free Strips

Vegan Cuts

New Teese formulation by Chicago Vegan Foods, Gardein Teriyaki Jerky, Amy’s coconut milk ice cream, New Flavors of Amande almond milk yogurt.

It’s Giveaway Time!

Vegan Cuts samples

Oh hey, is that a signed cookbook from Chloe Coscarelli? Spoiler alert: It is! 

We received so many samples from so many great vendors that we simply cannot eat it all on our own. We need your help, loyal Vegan Cuts members! To enter the giveaway to win some of what you see in the pictured above, use this fancy widget below. Open to U.S. residents only.
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  1. Keya Millionie

    I can’t decide, it all sounds so amazing!!

  2. Margaret

    Awesome giveaway!

  3. Jj

    This stuff looks so amazing! How could you pick just one?

  4. Oh I’m so in on this one! It looks like you had a fabulous time trying so many new goodies. :)

  5. Tofurky cream “cheese” and Amy’s ice cream.

  6. Victoria Hogan

    The new Tofurkey productions – hot pockets and shepards pie.
    2nd would be the Daiya products.

    They made me happy :)

  7. Lehua Malili

    What a great haul, it all looks AMAZing!!!

  8. Claire T.

    Everything looks so great! This would be amazing to win to keep around my apartment so I can snack healthy between classes :)

  9. Oh my gosh! Anything vegan is always on my ‘gotta try!’ list :-)
    I’d be happy winning any of the above. Plus it would give me the opportunity to try new goods that I can’t find around here.

  10. Roy

    Tofurky pockets!

  11. I want to try the jerky! Definitely the jerky!

  12. Totally excited for Amy’s ice cream :D aaahhh!!!!

  13. Sarah S.

    Looks like it was a really fun time! Do I spy red curry bouillon in that pile o’ goodies? Awesome!

  14. Lauren

    Yum, so many vegan noms!

  15. Asia

    So much awesomeness – I’d love to try some of it!

  16. Kim

    I wish the East Coast had something like this! Makes me want to move to Cali! :)

  17. theresa

    Daiya pizza…yum!

  18. Ruth

    Too many to decide! They all look scrumptious :-)

  19. Crystal Wendling

    I want to try them all!!! <3

  20. Dalores Lounds

    It all looks great!

  21. Catlyn L

    I would love to try Gardein’s Beefless Jerky!

  22. Nancy

    This blog is amazing! All the items sound so delicious! It sounds like it must’ve been a great time at the expo. If only I were there, I love vegan cuts!

  23. Dana

    Tofurky Pot Pies! Hands down.

  24. Marissa Rodriguez

    I wish I could sample every bit of this vegan deliciousness! I am glad to see that more options are going to become available. I am so excited!

  25. Leslie

    I want to try everything, but I really can’t wait to find the almond milk yogurt in a store near me!

  26. Maggie Boxey

    I’m pretty excited about the daiya pizzas! And the tofurkey items. And… well just about all of the pictures from the expo have me super excited for all of the new options coming.

  27. Teresa

    It all looks fantastic! Would love to try the cheese though, I do miss it!

  28. Rachel

    So many cool products!!

    • Rachel

      Posting again!! I meant to say So many cool products!! I’d love to try the Daiya frozen pizzas, aaallll of them!

  29. Lauren

    I am so excited to try Daiya’s new cream cheese-style spreads and frozen pizzas!

  30. chelsea schweyher

    Everything! i want it alllllll in my belly. :)

  31. Lauren

    I would love to try rawxies, Chicago vegan foods, and can’t wait for daiya’s pizza.

  32. jen lp

    I see sprinkles…gotta use that on my vegan vanilla doughnuts!

  33. Nicole T

    The Cookie Department looks YUMMY….. :)

  34. Libby

    That looks like a little slice of vegan heaven!

  35. Meg

    By far the Tofurky pot pie, quiche, and pockets! So…freakin’….excited.

  36. Denia Gaspar

    The reuseable bamboo towels and the coconut water and a treat I can share with my pregnant vegan daughter!!

  37. Salena

    The expo looks so fun and the food looks so amazing!

  38. Alicia

    I can’t wait to find those Tofurky pockets!

  39. Janice

    I love that there is enough interest in new vegan products that there can be expos and conventions! Maybe soon being vegan won’t get you dirty looks and lectures – ha!

  40. Teese cheeze!! I’ve never tried it, but have always wanted to!

  41. omigoodness! so many amazing new food! i can’t wait to try the daiya gf pizza!!!

  42. Beth

    The Teriyaki Jerky from Gardein!!

  43. Caroline

    This is making me hungry!

  44. Mairyn Gautier

    I would love to try all of them. But if Id had to choose It would be the kettle maple bacon chips or the Teese vegan cheese for nachos.

  45. Oooh! I’m torn and want to try them all, but a reformulated Teese jumps out. It was the first non-dairy cheese I tried and I loved it.

  46. Amanda

    They all look great! Really excited to try the Beyond Meat products!

  47. Yum, I want to try everything!!!

  48. Alicia

    I’d be interested in those Red Curry (cubes?). You had me at “curry”, whatever they are!

  49. Jessica

    Oh man, I want it allll!!!

  50. Mairead

    So much of it is new to me, I’d love to try it all!! =)

  51. JayDee Rooker

    everything sounds awesome but I think the one I would like to try most is the Amy’s Mocha Coconut Milk Ice Cream!! that really sounds yummy!! ;-)

  52. Danielle

    So excited to try it all!!

  53. Savannah

    Ohhhhh my goshhhhh!!! :O I’m in love!

  54. Lucia

    on the go vegan products!! :)

  55. ML

    Def. one of the kinds of chips, but I can’t decide which.

  56. Kristen

    Gardein’s Beefless Jerky

  57. Laura

    As a former vegetarian and new vegan, I want to try anything and everything! I’m excited about the munchables, of course, but I think that the non-edibles might be slightly more intriguing since it’s so hard to find animal-friendly products at the local grocery store.

  58. Kelly

    Tofurkey quiche?? Oh my!

  59. Deb H

    Amy’s coconut milk ice cream

  60. soooo excited to see those daiya pizzas on the shelves!!

  61. Tammy H

    What a great assortment of products. I would love to try them all!

  62. Tofurky Hot Pockets!!!

  63. Kristyn

    It all looks great! Pretty interested to try everything. Yum. Definitely interested in some Daiya pizza and the repackaged Teese.

  64. Kristina

    I’ve had my eye on Chloe’s new Vegan Dessert book for a while! I love to bake and really want to try out some new recipes.

  65. The vegan cheese!

  66. stephanie

    Wish I could have been there!

  67. ellie

    The pockets.

  68. angela

    newly vegan…i’m ready to try any of them!

  69. linnette diaz

    Tofurky quiche and daiya frozen pizza.

  70. Melissa Liddell

    Amy’s ice cream!

  71. Chelsi Thomas

    I can’t wait to see Chloe’s new cookbook, especially if it’s signed. I’ll make such a mess of my kitchen with it if I win haha

  72. Erica Miller

    I cannot wait to try the Dayia pizza, and the new Amy’s products! I love Amy’s! But let’s be honest. I want to try everything!

  73. Jasmine Flores

    I’d love to try them all! Very excited for the tofurkey pizza pockets.

  74. kathleen temple

    yum amazing! want to try it all!

  75. jenna

    ooo the yogurts look awesome

  76. The cookies look delish!!

  77. jackie

    Those sea salt & cider vinegar somethings sound delectable.
    Really can’t wait for the beyond meat to be available in stand alone packaging!

  78. Stephanie

    I would love to have a copy of Chloe’s cookbook! I had the opportunity to meet her a year or so ago, she is just the sweetest! With really fun recipes!

  79. Eva

    I scream ice cream!

  80. Rachel Rayeske

    I would most like to try the mocha icecream….or the maple bacon kettle chips…..are those seriously vegan???

  81. CB

    Tofurky Quiche/Pockets
    Daiya Pizza

    But really, all of them!

  82. Laurel

    The Daiya pizza is looking pretty good to me.

  83. debbie

    Maple bacon chips sound fabulous.

  84. Would kill to go to Expo West one day… But I’d also settle for a box chock full o’ goodies!

  85. Christy

    the fuji apple chips look really good!

  86. Jay

    This is insane, all those products look amazing delicious. Especially the almond yogurt, because the soy yogurt I’ve tried before can be kind of harsh.

  87. Vanessa

    Amy’s is coming out with ice cream? Sign me up for that!

  88. Oh, I wish I could have gone! I would love to try some of the daiya cheese products.

  89. Chrissy

    How do they make vegan maple and bacon chips?
    And if they do it with crazy chemical flavorings, do we really want to eat them?

  90. Dianne

    The chicken less strips!!

  91. nancyah

    Well, they all look tasty, but if I have to choose one I would pick the teese vegan cheese. Excited about it all. Nothing like VEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Libby M

    Would love to win, and share all the goodies~

  93. nancyah

    Where was the expo held

  94. amy

    I am really stoked about that gardein jerky and teese!!! but seriously there is all kinds of good news in this post…glad to see tofurkey especially rocking some awesome looking new products *and* happy about those new amande flavors!

  95. I’m drooling over all of the awesome new products! I can’t wait to try them!

  96. Abigail

    ooooo I don’t know. This all looks delicious! But apple chips are always yummy.

  97. I’ve been wanting to try Beyond Meat for a while now because it is GF! I miss my fake processed tvp’s every once in a while since going gluten-free, lol.

  98. Natasha

    Those frozen pizzas look great!

  99. monica k

    Oh wow!! I want to try alllllll of them!! Hard to choose! New Tofurkey Pockets, Amy’s coconut milk ice cream, eyond Meat Chicken-free Strips! I hope there will an expo in Chicago!

  100. Definitely the Amy’s coconut milk ice cream!

  101. I haven’t seen those new products yet!!! I’ll be keeping an eye out for all of them!

  102. Jena

    This looks fantastic! Maple Bacon?!

  103. Yeah, pretty excited about Daiya pizza!

  104. Gayle

    I need to try the Teese cheese.

  105. Nicole

    Can’t wait to try all of the new products– especially anything Gardein! :)

  106. I’m really excited to try the Tofurky Pockets!

  107. I can’t wait to try a vegan quiche!

  108. candice

    would love to win!

  109. Missy

    ugh must find Daiya’s pizza’s !! and Kettle Brand Maple Bacon chips !
    And everything else I want it allllllll

  110. Rebecca

    Daiya is making a fire-roasted veggie pizza? How could anything else compare? Can’t wait to try it!!!

  111. Hellen Araujo

    This would be an amazing opportunity to learn about new products and experience new flavors. I have been wanting to try kale chips !

  112. Jenifer

    I am excited to try everything, but especially the Daiya gluen-free pizza! And the vegan maple bacon chips.

  113. Meredith Whitley

    I can’t wait to try the Beyond Meat and Amy’s Ice Cream!,

  114. Maria Sam

    Tesse Vegan Cheese!

  115. Oh wow!!! How fun is this post showing us all the great upcoming stuff?? I’m looking forward to Amy’s ice cream and new flavours of Amande yogurt. YUM.

  116. Shelby

    Teese vegan cheese? Sign me up!

  117. Shauna Marie

    Can’t wait to try all the new Daiya products!

  118. Sara K. Bakker

    I’d love to try those.

  119. Bonnie

    Can’t wait to try the Daiya frozen pizzas or the Tofurky pockets!

  120. Sara Smith

    The Tofurkey Quiche and Pot Pie are making my mouth water!

  121. Jenny

    It all looks so good, I want to try it all! :-)

  122. Sara

    I can’t wait to try the new Tofurkey products!

  123. Rita

    COOKIE! Must have that cookie laying on top. It looks like double chocolate chip. Your photo is making me hungry.

  124. AMY

    Love it ! :)

  125. The Daiya frozen pizza sounds like the best thing ever. Totally excited

  126. Amy

    Something salty, or sweet, or even something non-edible. Surprises are always wonderful!!

  127. Sam B.

    I want to try it allll nomnomnom. I’m excited for a lot of these new products

  128. Ann

    The Vegan Kettle Chips!

  129. Ara

    Amy’s ice cream!

  130. Leslie Rosenberg

    I’m DYING to try the Tofuturkey Quiche- and the Pot Pies are a close second-
    Never mind, I want it all!!!

  131. sharon meagher

    The ice cream

  132. McKenzie

    All of it! Especially the Daiya Frozen Gluten-Free Pizza

  133. Mary

    I’m really curious about these maple bacon chips, and can’t believe they’re vegan!

  134. Hanna

    Tofurky pockets, for sure!

  135. Mindy

    I cant wait to try all these amazing products!

  136. Aimee

    I’m excited to try all of them, but I’ve been especially looking forward to Beyond Meat. Hoping it’s close enough to the real thing to trick the kiddos. :)

  137. Elizabeth Finfgeld

    I think that sampling new vegan nibbles is the spice of life :) I’ve read so much about ‘Beyond Meat’…that’s on the top of my list right now.

  138. The signed cookbook is what I have my eye on but it all sounds so amazing! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  139. Rebecca Lui

    WOW! Looks like fun! Wish I knew about it beforehand, but hope I win some goodies! Thanks for sharing!

  140. Kathryn

    So hard to choose, but I’ll go with the Tofurkey pot pie.

  141. courtney

    all of them!

  142. Kayleigh

    Everything looks so good! I’d love to try the maple bacon chips!

  143. hmmmh, I’d love the non dairy ice cream. Or the vegan cheese! Yum yum!

  144. Alison

    I’d love to get my hands on Chloe’s cook book!! That cookie looks delish too!

  145. sarah beth

    the daiya gluten-free pizza or the maple-bacon chips. tie

  146. Jennifer

    So excited to try the Amy’s Mocha ice cream and the Tofurkey Quiche!

  147. steph

    Anything and everything by Daiya!!!!!!! Also, love the Chicago Vegan Foods guys, maybe Boston will have some Temptation soon!

  148. Whitney

    I so want to try the new cheese. I hate daiya, I hope this stuff is better!

  149. Christy

    I really excited to try everything, but anything with chocolate will do!

  150. mike

    Tofurkey quiche!

  151. lisa g

    I would love to try the Tofurky quiche!!

  152. Sarah

    Tofurky Pockets!

  153. Valerie

    I want it all!

  154. Jennifer

    So many samples so little time!

  155. Maria

    I’m excited to try all of them ! But the ice cream is sounding so good .

  156. Rochelle

    I sooooooo envy you being able to go to the Natural Products Expo West! It looks like it was a lot of fun! And seriously, I would not have even considered that Kettle Chips might have made a vegan bacon potato chip flavor (are they *really* vegan?!?)!

  157. Teese pizza cheese and Vanilla Amande, I think. Although I could easily change my mind!

  158. I want to try those Dang Coconut Chips

  159. Everything looks awesome! I’m really curious about the Kettle Chips :_

  160. Becky

    I can’t wait for the Tofurky pockets!

  161. Susan Bain

    Tofurkey pot pies!!!!!

  162. A big fan of Amy’s – have my fingers crossed for the Mocha non dairy treat!

  163. Laura

    I’m newly vegan, so I could really use a nice sampler to help me discover new foods and new possibilities! :)

  164. Katie

    The almond milk yogurt! Looks delicious!

  165. tough decision! I’d say the Tofurky products, but I can’t choose which one.. the quiche is probably the most unique, I don’t know of any already prepared vegan quiche on the market!

  166. Krista

    Kettle chips, Tofurkey quiche, Pizza, oh, wait, really we had to choose just one. Impossible!

  167. Michele Erez

    I’d like to try the Amy’s ice cream!

  168. Olivia

    I’m definitely excited to try the new Teese varieties!

  169. I’d love to try any of it. It all sounds delicious.

  170. I would LOVE to try AMY’S ICE CREAM! Wow. This is the first time I’m seeing this. I’m stoked!

  171. Lorraine

    Any and all of them :)

  172. Jeri-Lynn

    OMG! Wish I could have been there! Maybe some day!!!!

  173. Jeri-Lynn

    I want to try the Teese Cheese, but everything in all honesty!!!

  174. LAR Koslow

    I think that Daiya & Teese should have a taste-test showdown.

  175. Chelsea

    Amy’s ice cream looks pretty tempting!

  176. Tara

    I’m so excited to try the Tofurky pockets! & Teese:)

  177. Amy’s mocha ice cream! Yes please!

  178. karlos


  179. purplelarkspur

    I want to try the teese vegan cheese!

  180. Ona

    Amande almond milk yogurt!

  181. Kaitlyn

    Skinny Pop Popcorn or Amande!

  182. Samantha Remington

    The Tofurky pockets!

  183. Billie Jean

    It all looks delish! Especially the new tofurky! I just tried some recently and love it!

  184. Jacqueline

    It all looks yummy!

  185. OMG I need to get my butt to the Expo! WOW Kettle Vegan Maple Bacon chips ju just gave me a new pregnancy craving sounds like crispy heaven. The Gardein jerky sounds pretty epic too. =)

  186. I bet it’s a perfect match when Amy’s non-dairy ice cream meets Amy’s vegan cake mmm compatible deliciousness.

  187. Jessie

    oh man… everything looks SO GOOD… the daiya pizza might be my favorite, though ;)

  188. Kim

    I have to pick one?! I guess Dang Coconut Chips! Love all things coconut.

  189. Lee

    The new Teese!

  190. stacy s.

    I would love to try Gardein’s Beefless Jerky! :)

  191. Jeanette

    oh goodness thats a lot of good stuff: D

  192. All of the gluten-free yummies!

  193. RaeAnne

    Amy’s ice cream!

  194. Cee

    Those sea salt and cider vinegar chips would totally hit the spot! It looks like vegan heaven!

  195. Mary

    Can’t choose..I would want to try everything! :)

  196. Jessica

    Um…Maple Bacon chips! OMG!

  197. KaeLyn

    Teese Vegan Cheese! I totally want to try it. Always looking for new delicious vegan cheese!

  198. Rachel

    Definitely the Amy’s ice cream, yes, definitely. :)

  199. Amy Katz

    I can’t wait to try Amy’s ice cream!

  200. Christina David

    How could you choose just one!? They all look delicious!

  201. karen

    Oh so many yummy choices! Might have to go with the new Daiya items…or the Amy’s ice cream…or…all! :)

  202. Jessica

    All of these products look amazing! We need an expo in Salt Lake! I’ve been dying to try the new Daiya pizzas and I want to try those coconut chips and red curry. And…well, just everything. Yum!

  203. I am SO pumped on the tofurkey hot pockets! I am a total health nut, but my chubby childhood self who LOVED bbq hot pockets is going crazy. These will be tried and enjoyed! Yay!

  204. Jessica

    I have been DYING to try the Beyond Meat products. Since having to go gluten-free I’ve been eating much healthier, BUT there are days when you want that convenience and taste of something “bad” like a buffalo chicken wrap.. Mmmmmm. There are so many products in there, that while I may not be able to indulge in them, I could share them with my newly veg sis! She looks at me as her inspiration which makes me feel totally awesome :) Showing her how great vegan products are could possibly be that little nudge to finally give up the animal products all together lol

  205. Sara F.

    Wow, good stuff!

  206. Nikki

    I would love to try it all!!!

  207. Emma

    Maple bacon chips sound amazing! And who doesn’t need a new cookbook ;)

  208. katrina

    very hard choice… but i pick Amy’s coconut milk ice cream!!!!

  209. Andy

    OMG quiche?! Yes please!

  210. Jen

    Would love to try new vegan products! Plus it would help me introduce fun new vegan foods to my omnivore kids!

  211. Tessa W.

    All of them as I can’t really decide.

  212. Andrea Norr

    The Amy’s ice cream is tops on my list of things I want to try! Also the Gardein jerky looks good and we love all their other products! Our family is somewhat new to the vegan lifestyle so winning this would be an awesome way to help introduce the entire family to new products!

  213. Kate

    Tofurky pockets look awesome!

  214. Kristin

    Red curry!!

  215. Jessi V

    I really can’t wait for the Tofurky hotpockets!!!

  216. chelsea schweyher


  217. Christine

    I want it all, but if I have to choose, it’s gotta be the pizza. I hope they make a GF version version.

  218. Susan E

    I am super excited about the new Amy’s ice cream!

  219. Tiffany Wirth

    I can’t wait to try the tofurky pot pie

  220. Brittany

    I really want to try Tofurkey pot pie!!!

  221. mmmm coconut. chips…mmm

  222. I admit it – any chocolate product that passes my lips, any delicious vegan chocolate treat, — I love chocolate and will never forsake it. However, I just as much or even more, in some cases, LOVE – Gardein(especially the Turkey Cutlets – I can have Thanksgiving year-round, woot!), Teese’s Teeses, Pizza, and I have NEVER eaten an Amy’s product I haven’t liked – swear.

    I feel extra lucky!!

  223. Elizabeth Nudo

    They all sound so good. The new Tofurky products, I think.

  224. Anna

    Pizza for sure

  225. I’m excited to try the new Teese!!

  226. Caitlin


  227. Jen

    Okay, so I forgot to answer the question in my first comment. Most excited about the Amy’s ice cream!

  228. mary

    Everything looks so good :)

  229. Michelle

    Huge fan of Amy’s Brand, even have magnets of theirs on my fridge:)

  230. Tara

    OMG, I want that ice cream! I miss ice cream.

  231. Christina

    Tofurkey Pockets! Yum!

  232. maxine grabowski

    i am not a fussy vegan! i am a greatful vegan, i would love to try any product!

  233. Sasha

    glad you guys had so much fun :). can’t wait for all the amazing, new, vegan products to be available for everyone!

  234. michelle

    i haven’t even heard of “teese” before!

  235. Christina

    I am excited to try everything! If I had to pick just one , I would have to say the Tofurky pockets!

  236. Jessica B.

    Tofurkey pockets

  237. Lauren

    I want to try them all! Those apple chips are really calling to me right now, though!

  238. Lauren

    I’m also particularly curious about that Amy’s ice cream!

  239. Chelsey

    I can’t decide!

  240. jenn

    Everything looks so good! I can’t wait to try the new amys coconut milk ice cream!

  241. Definitely the Eat Beyond Meat products!

  242. Erin Salisbury

    Oh wow!! This would rock my world! And my birthday is next week!!!

  243. This stuff looks amazing!

  244. I am sooo excited about all the new vegan products released at the expo! <3

  245. sarah

    I’d love to try the almond milk yogurt!

  246. Oops–I forgot to say that I’m excited to try the new Earth Balance products I saw all over the interwebs. :)

  247. Wendy

    I’m most excited to try the recipes in Chloe’s book && the ice cream, of course! :)

  248. tabetha

    I am excited to try anything that resembles cheese. I have yet to find a vegan cheese product that I like and refuse to give up real cheese until there is something that actually tastes good and doesn’t melt into a plastic-like substance!

  249. M.

    I can’t wait to try frozen Gluten-Free Pizzas!

  250. Andie

    Tofurkey quiche! That’s awesome

  251. Jana VanDenBerghe

    Such a great giveaway! Thanks.

  252. Kelly

    definitely Amy’s ice cream

  253. Such an amazing giveaway! Hope I win! I would love to try all of these products. YUM!

  254. Is “all of it” an accurate answer? I seriously can’t pick any ONE thing out of the photo that I don’t want to consume!! Nom! Thanks for the giveaway!

  255. Cat

    I would love to try Amy’s ice cream!

  256. Kim

    I can’t wait to try all the new Daiya products! :) Actually there were so many products that I have seen, I want to try them all!

  257. I can’t wait to try the Daiya pizzas!

  258. Treesa

    The new Daiya frozen gluten-free pizza is top on my to try list! :)

  259. charj

    I want to try the Tofurkey quiche

  260. So excited to see so many new products being introduced. I’m working on getting my mom and hubby to go plant-based by cooking a lot of their meals to show how good vegan can be (and easy). Of course it would be great to let them sample some of these treats to show them how easy it is still enjoy snacks without harming animals. Especially excited about the Maple Bacon chips and the cookbook!!

  261. Amy

    Maple Bacon chips! And everything else.

  262. Aimee Douglass

    Way too hard to decide, but my husband said I audibly squealed when I read about the Daiya slices and the Tofurky pockets :).

  263. i’d most like to try the Teese Vegan cheese!

  264. Deana

    I can’t wait to try everything! Nom Nom Nom.

  265. Marina

    OMG I want to try everything…hard to decide…I wish I have the opportunity to try vegan cheese, Tofurky pockets..All the items sound so delicious!!!!!!!!!

  266. Catherine

    Everything looks yum! New stuff always gets me!

  267. Jessica

    mocha “ice cream”!

  268. Misty

    Serious blessings of yumminess! Too hard to choose ;)- <3 the Eat Pastry, Vegan Zombie, EVG pic

  269. Wow, what a great selection of new products! It all looks awesome!

  270. I’m so excited to try the new Daiya cream cheeses!! I know they are going to be delicious!

  271. Jen

    I’d like to try the skinny pop popcorn

  272. Lisa Reed

    Apple chips

  273. colleen

    I would love to try all of these products. I live an hour from the closest store that sells
    anything close to vegan food, besides tofu! Love the snack products the most.

  274. debbie

    I am excited to try the new Daiya cheese line and their pizza’s. I hope they are going to be awesome.

  275. Hailey

    The sprinkles the sprinkles! ahhhh!

  276. Renata

    Amy’s Ice Cream!

  277. erica

    would love to try the tofurkey pockets!!

  278. Laura

    pot pie!

  279. Carmela

    Trying any would be great!

  280. Amber

    maple bacon chips whaaaaat?? i must try those

  281. Terri Cole

    I’m so ready to try the Tofurkey quiche & potpie.

  282. MeganG

    I want to try Amy’s Coconut Milk ice cream!

  283. Hmmm. Everything looks so amazing I don’t think I can pick just one! Maybe the new Daiya.

  284. Candyce C. Fleming

    Quite a few of them look good! I miss the comfort of TV Dinner banquet potpies from when I was a kid- so am happy to see Tofurky one! And Amy’s Mocha IceCream could be a big win!

  285. Sarah

    Amy’s coconut milk ice cream! wait, did you say nacho teese?!

  286. Sheena

    Super excited to try the tofurkey pockets and pot pies…oh and the maple bacon kettle chips. I die over kettle chips.

  287. Sara

    I can’t wait to try Amy’s coconut ice cream.

  288. Raymond

    Daiyas Cheese Vegan Pizzas sound fantastic!

  289. Audrey

    Amy’s Coconut Milk Ice Cream.

  290. New flavors of Amande almond milk yogurt sound fabulous!

  291. I’ve heard so much about Beyond Meat. I’m intrigued to try it for myself.

  292. Nathan Rice

    They look yummy! I bet Amy’s Ice Cream is the great!

  293. Kristine

    I have Chef Chloe’s other cookbook and I would love to check out her new one! This giveaway is awesome!!!

  294. Georgiana

    Amande almond milk yogurt would be wonderful!

  295. guadalupe janes

    Everything looks yummy! But I would like to try the yogurts and the pot pies, and everything else!!

  296. Beth

    Tofurkey Pockets?!?!?! Whaaaaaat! I can’t wait!

  297. I’d love to try the vegan cheese from Teese. But all of it looks good!

  298. Lizzie

    Oh, man, definitely have to try those Tofurky pockets!!

  299. melanie

    apple chips! i love ’em! and is that tangerine candies? yummmmm

  300. Helen

    Wow, if I hadn’t seen it here I would have never thought that they might make vegan bacon kettle chips. I love the idea :-D Also, after all I have heard I would really like to try Beyond Meat.

  301. Heather

    All the vegan food!

  302. nicole krutz

    beefless jerky

  303. catherine h

    I spy Tyrell’s sea salt and cider vinegar! YUM!

  304. such a great event, right? so bummed i didn’t make it this year. but there will be more. ;) Glad I stumbled onto your blog. looking forward to checking it out more.

  305. Definitely, Tofurky’s Chicken Pot Pie and Quiche! I crave them everyday! It’s a haul to make them so this will fit perfectly in my routine :]
    Great giveaway!

    Ps. I need this shirt ;)


  306. Krista

    So excited for the Amy’s coconut milk ice cream! And Chef Chloe’s new book!

  307. Thanks for sharing! Looks like an amazing expo.

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