Expo East 2012 Vegan Roundup + *GIVEAWAY*

The Best of The Natural Products Expo East!

I’m back from Expo East, and boy did I have a magical time! Read along and see all of the exciting vegan food finds…

For the most part I eat a healthy whole foods, heavy on the kale, vegan diet, but I do love vegan meaty foods. I was so excited to get to try some of the many new to me burgers and faux meats! Some of my favorite products were the Qrunch Burgers, a vegan burger made from quinoa, Taft Foodmasters Seitan Gyro, Earth Spring Foods veggie nuggets, and the new reigning queen of veggie burgerdom, Hillary’s Eat Well adzuki burgers!

I was so excited to finally get to try NadaMoo! Coconut Milk Ice Cream. I’ve heard such great things and they are all true! Creamy, delicious, and great flavors! My advice: get your hands on some Maple Pecan stat!

I first tried Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss at Expo East several years ago, and instantly fell in love with Cherry Amaretto. I was excited to try their new, amazing flavors: Lunaberry Swirl, Chocolate Walnut Brownie, Mocha Maca Crunch, and my new favorite, Ginger Cookie Caramel!

Vegan chocolate was everywhere. I can’t even begin to list all the great varieties. I got to try popular brands like NibMor, which has new drinking chocolates that are perfect for fall.  I was  most excited to see vegan fave Go Max Go Foods! famous for putting a vegan twist on traditional candy bars like Snickers and Reese’s. Most excitingly, Go Max Go is releasing a new flavor: a vegan version of Butterfinger called Thumbs Up!

Vegan celebrity Doron Petersan of Sticky Fingers was signing copies of her cookbook at the Earth Balance table!

New York Naturals

I’ve never met a kale chip I didn’t like. Popular brands like Brad’s were present, but I was excited to try new guys New York Naturals. They have classics flavors like cheesey and ranch but they also have sweeter varieties like their chocolate coconut (omg, so good) and their cranberry nut Greenola!


There were lots of yummy vegan cheese brands to try. Classics like Daiya and Teese were out in full force. I was super excited to try a new brand offering vegan cheese, Nutty Cow.

Nutty Cow

Nutty Cow was sampling their spreadable nut cheese available in Garlic Herb or Maple Pecan is super delicious and is perfect with crackers. They also have a ricotta, perfect for lasagna, that I’m super excited to try.

Samples Galore!

No way I can finish all of this. Help me out!

In fact, I received SO many samples, that I simply cannot eat it all on my own. I need your help, loyal Vegan Cuts members! To enter the giveaway to win some of what you see in the picture above, use this fancy widget below. Open to U.S. only.


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  1. bitt

    I’d love to try the NuttyCow cheese.

  2. sharon meagher

    love it.

  3. Francesca

    I want to try the Nutty Cow cheese as well!

  4. The Nutty Cow and the Coconut Bliss look wonderful! :D

  5. Loren Yerkey

    I’m most excited to try the Go Max Go Foods!.

  6. Aleris

    Those coconut bliss bars look amazing…Especially the lunaberry swirl!

  7. Johanna

    omg kale chips!!!

  8. Jessica Snow

    That’s looks amazing! My head would be spinning after a day like that and ending in a contented bliss lol I’m such a sucker for kale chips ::drools::, but I’ve been searching for a good, gluten-free burger I can pull out of the freezer for those lazy nights ;) I’ll have to give the Qrunch a try!

  9. emily

    It all looks so good!
    I haven’t seen the nutty cow stuff, I’d love to try it.

  10. This reminds me of Christmas morning as a child before a pile of presents stuffed under the Christmas tree.

  11. I would just LOVE TO TRY THE vegan chocolate and the Cheese, aww yeck I want to try it all.

  12. kmbjbb

    Toss up between NadaMoo coconut milk ice cream, or the NuttyCow cheese.

  13. Lorraine

    GoMax and the Nutty Cow and the Cookbook

  14. Donna Vale

    OMG, they all sound sooo good & never tried any, Qrunch burgerssound good, but to tell you the truth, I’d try any/all of them. Haven’t seen any of this in my area.

  15. Rebecca

    A vegan snickers and butterfinger by Go Max Go Foods! sounds totally yummy!

  16. Lesa

    I want to try the Coconut Bliss

  17. Jill Hutchins

    I think the kale chips look fantastic!!!

  18. Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch

    Mmm, I’d love to try the Nutty Cow cheese spread!

  19. Tina

    I’m dying to try Nutty Cow!!

  20. Jill K.

    I’m now craving kale chips for my afternoon snack.

  21. Rozan

    I would love to try all of those yummy things!

  22. Jeeta

    I’d love to try the Qrunch Burgers!!!

  23. I’m drooling looking at all your photos! The Mahalo bars are my super guilty pleasure. Would love to know more about the Qrunch burgers. Never seen them!

  24. carmen

    so jealous that other people get to attend these things!

  25. Ana

    The burgers, kale chips, and nut cheese all caught my eye! I would love to try any of those… the cheese is something different that I would certainly want to taste!

  26. I would like to try a Thumbs Up!!

  27. Lisa

    Coconut Bliss Ice creams bars! Yum!!!

  28. emily

    I would love to try the coconut bliss; I miss ice cream so much but I don’t miss cruelty.

  29. Shanel Harris

    I think the Qrunch looks delish!

  30. Sara

    I have never had a vegan cheese – they just aren’t available in my area. I’d LOVE to try the NuttyCow cheese!

  31. stephanie

    Nutty Cow!

  32. liz (lemon tree)

    i would like to try the spirulina crunch!

  33. Heather

    So excited to try nutty cow cheese and go max go! Love go max products!!!!

  34. Melanie

    I want to try the Thumbs up!!

  35. Erin

    I would love to try the qrunch burgers (I am obsessed with quinoa) and nutty cow cheese (daiya is my fav, but always looking for other options)!

  36. I would love to try a Nutty Cow product! I haven’t gotten to try any of their “cheeses” yet but sounds yummy! :)

  37. Linda

    I would love to try a Thumbs Up!

  38. Those Qrunch Burgers look awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on some!

  39. Doob

    Qrunch burgers!

  40. Rachel

    I’d like to try Nada Moo coconut milk ice cream. Love the name…lol

  41. Valerie

    I’d like to try the Nutty Cow cheeses or the candy bars :)

  42. I’m thinking one of those spreadable cheeses would be nummy!

  43. MollyG

    Oh man, I would love to try any new vegan cheeses and NadaMoo! Coconut milk ice cream is my absolute favorite!

  44. Cristie

    nutty cow cheese!

  45. Sandra Parrish

    I would love to try the Go Max Go Foods bars. I have a real vegan sweet tooth. :P

  46. Jessica

    I’m a nut and sometimes I feel like a cow, so I would really like to try Nutty Cow!!

  47. Susanne

    Can’t wait to try the Thumbs Up Butterfinger!!!

  48. Sara

    Nibmoor drinking chocolate!

  49. Eli Rangel

    Although I do not like kale very much, for some reason the kale chips are really calling to me. They want to be in my tummy.

  50. Bhavna Khara

    I would love to try the nutty cow products and would love to have the vegan cookbook as I love baking and experimenting a lot at home !!

  51. Amy

    While I would be interested in all of the products, I am most interested in trying the Nutty Cow cheeses.

  52. Christine

    coconut bliss looks amazing

  53. pasi mulvihill

    i would love to try the vegan cheeses and definitely any chocolate yum!!!!!!

  54. Michelle

    Everything looks so amazing:) I would love to try it all:)

  55. Dana

    I would love to try the kale chips!

  56. jen sammons

    I love those candybars!!! They are never availability in Tucson anymore!

  57. Wendy

    I love discovering new things and passing it on!

  58. I’d like to try nutty cow.

  59. kristi

    What a great experience! I would love to attend an event like this. For now I guess I can hope for some samples;)!

  60. Chocolate Coconut Kale chips! Nom nom ;D

  61. Melissa

    I’m dying to try the Nutty Cow Maple Pecan cheese!

  62. Beth Dickute-Mickens

    Nutty cow sounds super yumm!

  63. Bhavna Khara

    I wud love to try Nutty Cow n also a copy of the cookbook as I luv experimenting n baking at home !!

  64. Chocolate cherry kale chips. Wha??? That sounds so amazing!

  65. Donna

    They ALL look fantastic!

  66. Esther Ackerman

    I can’t wait to try the Thumbs Up!!!

  67. Elizabeth Geras

    I would love to try the spreadable nut cheese!

  68. Katelyn

    I would love to try Nutty Cow cheese-I really miss spreadable cheese!

  69. Mary

    Looks like so much good stuff! Have a tried a few of those things but so many more that I want to! Thanks for the blog post.

  70. Aimee

    I would loooove to try the new Thumbs Up! bar from Go Max Go. :o)

  71. Megan

    Lots of yummy looking stuff – but I’d really love to try the Nutty Cow cheese. Good cheese substitutes are hard to come by!

  72. Kristin Nesbitt

    NUTTY COW!! Because the name makes me giggle! :)

  73. I’m dying to try the Nutty Cow cheese, but really all that stuff on the blog looks so good!

  74. Alexis

    I absolutely LOVE Luna & Larry’s ice cream! The chocolate hazelnut is the best… But out of everything, I’m excited for the new vegan cheeses- as much as I love Daiya, I’d like some variety out there!

  75. Cydney

    Would love to try the Nutty Cow!

  76. Mary

    The Go Max Go bars!

  77. Amy

    I would like to try the Wild Squirrel nut butters!

  78. Autumn

    Everything looks yummy!

  79. Anna

    Go Max Go bars look amazing! I’ve never even heard of some of these. Thanks for sharing your experience, I might have found some new favorite snacks :)

  80. The quinoa burgers look delicious!

  81. Amber G.

    I would love to try the new GoMaxGo Thumbs Up!

  82. Wendi




  83. Corinne

    Can’t wait to try the Go Max Butterfinger!

  84. The candy bars would be delicious!

  85. Great write-up! I SO wish I could have been there (and your prize pack is the next-best-thing) :-)

  86. Pam

    Kale Chips <5

  87. those quinoa Qrunch burgers sound pretty great!

  88. Man, that is a lot of good looking stuff! I’d love to try the nutty cow cheese. I’m a sucker for a spreadable cheese!

  89. I want to try the Thumbs Up bar. I used to love Butterfinger and excited for a vegan version.

  90. Maya

    I’m always interested in trying new vegan products, but the Qrunch quinoa burgers sound amazing!

  91. Maureen

    Gotta try those Kale Chips! So hard to make them right at home….

  92. Amy L. Hayden

    That Nutty Cow spreadable cheese looks amazing. And ricotta!!!

  93. Rebecca

    As if I can’t get any crazier about Go Max, they give me Butterfinger!

  94. I’ve heard amazing things about Nutty Cow and I’d love to give it a try! I’m yet to find a place that carries it near me :(

  95. colleen gray-mackey

    I want to try the Vegan ricotta!

  96. purplelarkspur

    I would love to try the Nutty Cow products!

  97. Michelle

    Nurture cheese

  98. Bryan

    Vegan Butterfinger?! COUNT ME IN!

  99. Nafissa

    I would love to try the nut cheese!

  100. Jessalin

    I’d love to try the Nutty Cow cheese!

  101. Mary Kate B.

    those kale chips look AMAZING! i’d love to try those

  102. Shannon

    They all sound great, but go max go and nutty cow would be my top choices to try!! Yum!!

  103. maryann s

    I would love to try the Qrunch burgers and the Nutty Cow cheeses. Everything sounds great, these are what caught my attention..

  104. It was great meeting you at the show. We had a tremendous response to or vegan seitan gyro and sausage seitan. Love your blog…keep up the good work.

  105. Abby

    I would live to try some of the coconut products! Ice cream!!

  106. I would love to try one of the cheeses. That’s the thing I miss the most, and I love how the faux cheeses are getting better and better.

  107. Karen

    It all looks awesome!

  108. Roberta

    They all look so good. I am excited about Nutty Cow and Go Max. Cheese and chocolate, you can’t go wrong.

  109. Nicole

    I’m not going to lie. I’m really excited about the Thumbs Up candy bar from Go Max Go.

  110. Jeff Tudor

    vegan chocolate.

  111. Sonal

    Kale chips, any of the chocolates and Nutty Cow cheese!!

  112. I want to try everything…but Larry & Luna’s Coconut Bliss is amazing all on its own.

  113. Erika

    I would be in heaven there! In one days time id probably gain 40lbs! lol Especially since there was vegan chocolate!

  114. Can I get a time machine so I can go back and attend this expo!? I want it all, but I heard Maple Pecan mentioned in both the Nutty Cow and Nadamoo! so I’d have to go for either of those :)

  115. Kyla

    I would love to try the Crunch burgers

  116. Megan J

    The kale chips and nutty cow look amazing!

    The chocolate is awesome! Tried the purple “Twilight” and red”Jokerz” candy bar. Soooooo good!

  117. DanielleinDC

    I’ve tried Brad’s Kale Chips at the Green Festival, and I think if I got a freebie of the Greenola, I would inhale the entire container in a single sitting.

  118. nena

    I would love to try the kale chips and am very curious how the flax milk would taste with my morning raw oat groats!

  119. Flax Milk. Enough Said. :)

  120. ruthie

    the new Go Max Go Butterfinger!

  121. A little bit of vegan heaven here!

  122. Pamela G

    That looks great! Since I’m still newly vegan a sampler will help introduce me to new products. Thanks for this offer!

  123. Elizabeth

    I love kale chips!

  124. Melody

    I don’t think I can pick *just 1* I want to try – the nutty cow and nada moo are at the top of my list :)

  125. Kim

    I’d love to try the new candy bars by Go Max Go

  126. miranda

    I want to try everything. Especially the chocolate coconut kale chips. Your life rules.

  127. Kate R.

    Vegan ricotta! My homemade version isn’t up to snuff.

  128. Libby M

    any and all samples actually :)

  129. mickie jenkins

    omg they all look so good!!!

  130. Ana Cecília Batista Arcoverde Cavalcanti

    I want to try Larry & Luna’s Coconut Blis!

  131. Emily

    The nutty cow cheese and the kale chips!

  132. Michelle

    This is great!! I am trying to get my family to go vegan! :)

  133. elizabeth brion

    I’m a huge fan of Go Max Go and Butterfingers were my favorite pre-vegan candy, so I’m STOKED. Are those fun-size versions of their bars/ What a good idea.

  134. Emily

    The new Go Max Go bar!

  135. Melissa

    I most want to try the vegan ricotta! I tried making some from tofu but it just wasn’t amazing. I want to make some lasagna!

  136. Heather

    The Sticky Fingers link is wrong :( Definitely the wrong Sticky Fingers!

  137. The Go Maxx Candies are my favorite & I <3 Luna & Larry's Walnut Brownie ice cream.

  138. Lisa Erkert

    Qrunch burgers with Nutty Cow cheese!!!

  139. Megan

    Beyond excited to try the Nutty Cow cheese! I love the growing movement behind artisan vegan cheeses.

  140. Rachel

    I would love to try Nutty Cow – I’m nuts for nut cheese!!!:)

  141. I love the coconut bliss. I would love to try the nutty cow and go max.

  142. SHELLBY

    I’d like to try the Go Max Go bars

  143. Evan B

    I would love to try the Nutty Cow cheese!

  144. I’d love to help you finish that pile of goodies!

  145. Gina Gilbert

    The QRunch burgers look very intriging.

  146. Caitlin Baiduc

    Would love to try Nibmor’s drinking chocolate!

  147. Ben Gaskill

    Those Crunch Burgers look very good!!

  148. Pamela

    Do I have to pick only one????? ;) Hmmmmmmm…if you pick me I would love to sample the Hillary’s Eat Well Adzuki Burgers! If you want to throw a sweet treat in the box, any of the Nada Moo products would be fabulous! :)

  149. lindsay rubin

    coconut bliss is amazing!!

  150. Devyn Howell

    Would love to try vegan butterfinger! Sounds amazing!

  151. Lauren

    I love to try new vegan food. I am in real need of some luck headed my way. I have yet to try kale chips; would like to give them a try.

  152. Deanna

    Qrunch burgers look really interesting…

  153. Hilary

    I’d like to try the kale chips!

  154. those nutty cow cheeses sound delightful! I would love to try those!

  155. Candace

    I want to try them all!!!! :-)

  156. kathy

    Thanks for sharing! I’d be happy trying anything w/o nuts. Intrigued with the Nutty Cow ricotta! What a great expo!

  157. Maureen

    Qrunch burgers..I am always looking for a cool new veg protein!

  158. nutty cow cheese :)

  159. Colleen

    I just became a Vegan about a month ago, so I’d like to try it all!

  160. jacquelyn

    ..That banana packet in the foreground of the last picture. The packaging is enticing….

  161. sharon daniels

    I would love to try the coconut bliss and the burgers.

  162. Amanda Heller

    I’d love to try the kale chips or chocolates!

  163. Stephanie Cramer

    I want to try them all!!! But if I had to choose one I guess it would be Nutty Cow. ^_^

  164. michele-erez


  165. Steffi

    I would love to try the Foodmaster Seitan Gyro or bake my way through the Sticky fingers book.

  166. Holly M

    go max go food, vegan candy bars!!

  167. I would love to try Nadamoo!

  168. I am excited to try the thumbs up bar!

  169. This is what heaven must look like.

  170. Katherine

    MMMMM!!!!!……it all looks so goooooood…(drool)!!!!!!

  171. Giselle

    Everything please! Yum!

  172. Kimberly

    So wanna try everything

  173. Kimberly

    So wanna try everything it all looks good

  174. I would love to try the Nutty Cow, or any other brand of vegan cheese. It kinda scares me but I am a cheese lover and really NEED to find a vegan brand so I can be fully vegan.
    Thank you for the opportunity to try and win it!

  175. Tessa

    That nutty cheese sounds awesome! And the NadaMoo!

  176. Lisa Ziegelheim

    I’d love to try the NadaMoo! Coconut Milk Ice Cream. The Maple Pecan flavor sounds amazing!

  177. Jess

    Sounds like a great event!! Thank you for sharing!!

  178. Brenda

    I would like to try the Nada Moo.

  179. Cat

    Kale chips and nada moo!

  180. kathyS

    Kale chips and Nutty Cow maple pecan flavor –yum

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