The Best Foodie Finds from Expo West 2015: The Snack Food Section

The Best Foodie Finds from Expo West 2015: the snack food section

This blog post comes with a warning: the images you are about to see will make you unbearably hungry.  Why?  Because we’re about to show you the 10 most delicious vegan snacks we tried at Expo West 2015.  Get ready to feast your eyes!

1. Square Bar – New Cocoa Mint and Cocoa Cherry Flavors

Square Bar - New Cocoa Mint and Cocoa Cherry Flavors

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2. Yumma Superfoods – Lime & Chile Avocado ChipsYumma Superfoods - Lime & Chile Avocado Chips
3. Tasty Brand – Organic Sandwich Cookies in Holiday Flavors
Organic Sandwich Cookies in Hot Cocoa, Peppermint Bark, Pumpkin Pie and Butterscotch
4. Rhythm Superfoods – Zesty Nacho Broccoli Bites
Rhythm Superfoods - Zesty Nacho Broccoli Bites
5. Snack Out Loud – Power Puffs
Snack Out Loud Power Puffs
6. Gorilly Goods – Raw Fruit & Nut Things
Gorilly Goods - Raw Fruit and Nut Things
7. Green Plate Foods – Nubblers: All Natural Fruit Bites  
Green Plate Foods - Nubblers
8. Bark Thins – Snacking Chocolate
Bark Thins - Snacking Chocolate

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9. World Peas – Ranch Fava Crisps
World Peas

10. Cabo Chips – Churro Flavor

Cabo Chips - Churro Flavor

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You’re probably pretty hungry after seeing those teasers.  Well, it’s your lucky day!  We’ve got a monthly Snack Box full of delicious vegan treats just for you.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up to get one delivered straight to your door!


  1. Nancy Glorioso

    love the name “World Peas”!!!!!

  2. James

    I really like the packaging and marketing ideas the World peas has. This is definitely something I would try. I’ve recently tried these incredible cookies, that have all natural ingredients,, this is something I would definitely recommend.

    • Laura

      Hey James, thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, some of those cookies look to contain animal products. Is there a flavor that is vegan that you would recommend?

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