ExpoWest 2012: Wrap that up to Go + Giveaway {Closed}


The Natural Products Expo West extravaganza has come and gone. If you haven’t been reading along, you’re welcome to go back and read about day one and day two. Basically, I jammed an insane amount of eating, walking and talking into this past weekend. When I finally stopped and laid down on Sunday night, I slept for 13 hours. I think I’m still recovering, but finally finding time to reflect on the whole experience. One of my favorite things about ExpoWest was having the chance to meet up with a bunch of our past Vegan Cuts partners. It was such a pleasure to visit the folks from Sprout Skincare, Hail Merry, Kaia Foods, NewTree Chocolate….

Vegan Cuts Friends


….Back to the Roots, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Wembe and Gnosis Chocolate. I adore all of these companies and can’t say enough good things about their products. In addition to seeing some of my fave brands at the expo, I aso had the pleasure of hanging out with and meeting a bunch of bloggers including Vegan Vagrant, Demetrius form Vegucated, Allison from Allison’s Gourmet, Whitney from Eco Vegan Gal, Vanessa from the Green Girl Next Door, Trina from My Vegan Mom, Gail from the Hungry Vegan, and Angela from the Veracious Vegan.

New Things from Classic Vegan Brands

Amy's Indian Aloo Mattar wrap, Pig Out (like bacon bits) from Wayfare Foods, a slew of new spreads from Follow your Heart and soft serve (maybe not new?) from Chicago Soy Dairy.

In addition to learning about and sampling more new vegan products than I can remember,  it was awesome to taste test the latest products from some classic vegan brands, like Amy’s Indian Aloo Mattar wrap, Pig Out (like bacon bits) from Wayfare Foods, a slew of new spreads from Follow your Heart and soft serve (maybe not new?) from Chicago Vegan Foods .

More ExpoWest Crazyness


I keep telling everyone how crazy ExpoWest was. How crazy was it, really? Well, I did indulge in some very unique alcoholic beverages….see Cherry Amaretto Coconut Bliss vodka shake shots and “Naughty Ramon” drinks made by Teeccino using their french roast, vodka, non-dairy creamer and frangelico hazelnut liqueur. I was also propositioned by So Delicious to enjoy ice cream sandwiches for breakfast, and got to meet the ladies from Spork Foods. So yea, it was kinda nuts.


Chips and Salsa from The Brooklyn Salsa Company and Ozery Bakery

So now that ExpoWest is over, I’m starting to eat my way through some of the samples I collected.  Earlier this week, Jackie of Vegan Yack Attack and I enjoyed some pita chips and salsa from The Brooklyn Salsa Company and Ozery Bakery.

Eat Pastry Vegan Cookie Dough

We could sink a battle ship with all the vegan treats we’ve squirrelled away here at the Vegan Yack Attack HQ. With so many options comes the dilemma of what to eat first. Not really a hard choice when you think about it like we do. I can’t exactly carry a tub of EatPastry cookie dough in my suitcase while I continue my west coast adventures, though of course I’d love to. So we cracked open a tub of their chocolate chip, and have been eating it with a spoon. I can eat baked cookies any day of the week, but vegan cookie dough that’s this tasty is hard to come by. I have to enjoy it while I can!

Enter to Win this Huge Vegan Sample Pack Giveaway


Lucky for you, I literally can’t carry all of the samples I scored at ExpoWest. So I’ve decided to host a giveaway for everything you see in the picture above. To enter, use this fancy widget below. Open to U.S. only.

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  1. The product that I LOOOOVED was all of the sweets, obviously. ;) I’m going to miss you!

  2. Keya Millionie

    I’ve heard Sea Snax are awesome but I’ve never tried them

  3. Jessica C

    I’ve been dying to try Hemp Hearts!

    Thanks so much! ☺

  4. mandee

    I would LOVE to try the Eat Pastry cookie dough! By the spoonful of course :)

  5. eatpastry! yummmm!

  6. The Brooklyn Salsa Company Salsa looks so good!

  7. Allie

    mmmm…..vegan cookie dough, super yum,,,,me!

  8. Melanie P

    the cookie dough! Whoa!

  9. Laurie

    I would love to try the soft serve ice cream, as an indulgence. I would also like to try anything vegan and raw, as I am transitioning to a raw food lifestyle. Thanks for sharing your bounty.

  10. Hmm … those Cherry Amaretto Coconut Bliss vodka shake shots sound amazing!

  11. shannon evans

    Thank you for all the wonderful info!

  12. oh my! I would love to try that soft serve!!!!

  13. Yum! Everything looks so delicious! I’d especially like to try Amy’s new gluten-free & vegan products! :)

  14. Mary L.

    I’d like to try Amy’s new products!

  15. Abby

    I would love to try Vega’s new offerings, just finished Thrive and I am on a Brendan Brazier kick!

  16. Jessi

    So jealous! I would die for that softserve ice cream!

  17. platy


  18. Oooh! What a bounty! I’d love to try the powdered coconut water, I’ve never seen that before. Also the Vega products and EVERYTHING else! :)

  19. platy

    softserve D:

  20. MollyG

    Whoa. That’s some awesome loot! I hope I win! I would have loved to try the new Hail Merry tarts. Oh! And the new So Delicious almond milk ice creams!!

  21. Suzee

    I would LOVE to try that vegan cookie dough!!! That is soo awesome! I’ve been dying for more vegan sweets!!

  22. malyssa

    Wow! I wish I could’ve gone! It’s really hard to pick a favorite, but I’ve never tried a began drink, so I wish I was there to try the Cherry Amaretto Coconut Bliss vodka shake shots! Although…I’m really curious about those bacon bits as well.

  23. mairead

    I’ve been wanting to try Hail Merry’s products! =)

  24. Michele

    The soft serve does look amazing. I’d love to be able to give my vegan daughter some of that!

  25. Linda

    Nice to see so many vegan companies were there.

  26. Cheri

    I’m new to veganism and I’ve found lots of sweet things, so I’d love to try something savory or spicy.

  27. Kristen Anderson

    The treat I would love to try is the vegan soft serve! I love soft serve!

  28. Raina

    Oooo! I’d love the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and I’d eat it the same way it’s shown in the pic!

  29. sharon

    How can you pick just 1? Everything looks incredible.

  30. Brittany

    I would love to see Vegucated! I have been dying to see it. Also the Surf Sweets look pretty amazing…ok I want to try everything haha!

  31. omigosh! i would LOVE to win these beautiful items!

  32. Jeeta

    Everything looks so good, cookie dough icecream looks yumyum!!

  33. Jessica Jewell

    Im going to start a vegan diet on Monday, I have been a vegetarian now for 3 yrs and am very excited to go vegan :)

  34. Anna

    I’m dying to try the lentil chips and surf sweets!

  35. WOW!!!!!!! Lusting big time!!

  36. I have to make it to this event next time!

  37. Petra B.

    The chocolate fantasy drink looks inviting!

  38. I’d most like to try the Spork Fed cookbook. I’ve heard great things about those ladies!

  39. The GNOSIS Chocolate!!!!

  40. I would really like to try the Eat Pastry cookie dough, but from the prize pack it has to be what looks like lentil chips. Interesting!

  41. Sara Farr

    I would love to try that EatPastry dough!

  42. Kimberley Hodgdon Landsman

    I really want those lentil chips/crisps. right now! But, in reality, if I won I would probably start with the first thing I grabbed and try try try! I am unemployed and we don’t have any money for snacky extras so this would be like vegan xmas!

  43. Laura


  44. Carolyn

    I rented Vegucated on Amazon and MUST get a physical copy! Also had no idea there was a Chicago Vegan Foods – awesome, checking it out now!

  45. Woah, this all looks amazing, drool all over my keyboard. Thanks for sharing!


  46. Alicia M

    I want those Surf Sweets in my belly!

  47. Sounds like such a fun time! I seriously think that the vegan cookie dough looks like the most delicious thing EVER. I have never had seriously good raw cookie dough but it used to be my favorite part of making cookies! I’m definitely going to have to check them out. Thanks for sharing! =)

  48. nicole sutton

    I want that cookie dough ice cream but it’s not in the picture. The chocolate fantasy bar looks delicious! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a plethora of vegan goodies! <3 :)

  49. tessa

    Well, I have been wanting to try Gnosis Chocolate, it is pretty hard to find vegan sweets in North Central Florida! I want them like a fat vegan wants Amy’s cake!

  50. Rachel

    Best vegan give away ever!!

  51. Kim

    Everything looks amazing, hope I win!

  52. Kera

    I want to try Spork Fed because then I can make a lot of food!!! :)

  53. What an amazing giveaway!

  54. Myra

    The lentil chips sound delish

  55. Lauren

    Been dying to go to the natural products expo! A friend owns The Pure Pantry – GF – thanks for the great giveaway!

  56. I want to try all of it!

  57. Sarah

    WOW! what an awesome giveaway!!!!!

  58. the Pig Out bacon bits look great!

  59. Victoria

    Ooo, the new Veganaise products Lucky! :)

  60. Everything looks super yummy!

  61. Allison

    totally want those pita snacks!

  62. i want to try the bacon bits.

  63. Renee

    I love the Amy’s Brand food. I’m always excited when they come out with new items.

  64. Korey

    If I had my hands on the cookie dough, my life would be complete

  65. Can never have enough Vega Sport packs!

  66. faith milkins

    I’m dying to try the pure fit and luna.. I soooooo want to win all the goodies :))

  67. cassandra

    id love to try that cookie dough!

  68. Jennifer Bowman

    I reeeeeally hope it’s me!

  69. Lori Smith

    Wow, that all looks so amazing and tasty. I would love to try those! Thanks for such a wonderful opportunity!

  70. Amanda

    Is that a copy of Vegucated? Would love to see that! Also, anything chocolate tops the list of things I’d like to try! ;-)

  71. I want some vegan cookie dough!!!!

  72. How the hell am I supposed to choose one thing?!
    I’ll say – any of those things you mentioned that got combined with alcohol. Yes. ;)

  73. Aimee Douglass

    The vegan cookie dough looks wonderful!

  74. bitt

    I’d like to see Veguucated! And try the chocolate fantasy stevia drink.

  75. I’m curious about the bacony bits, only because I’ve never tried anything like that.

  76. Karen

    I would love to try any of the new Follow Your Heart products.

  77. Ana

    That soft serve ice cream, looks amazing, holly yumminess!!!!

  78. Jackie

    VEGUCATED! I haven’t seen it yet. I really want to see it.

  79. Teisha C

    that cookie dough looks amazing, too bad they don’t sell it in MN

  80. martha

    So many! Vega products, chocolate factory….. Amy’s!

  81. Angela O'Brien

    I’d love to try the Eat Pastry cookie dough!

  82. Decide????? Okay, I think the one that I’d like to try most is the cookie dough.

  83. Christi Snellen

    I would LOVE to try the cookie dough! I love baking but since becoming vegan, it has become a bit challenging.

  84. Jeni

    I would love to try the vegan cookie dough!

  85. i cant wait to try those PIG OUT bacon bits :D

  86. Christi Snellen

    I would LOVE to try the Cookie Dough! =)

  87. Valerie

    That vegan soft serve looks REALLY delicious! I wish I could have some. Junk food junkie right here. Haha.

  88. Melissa

    I am most excited about the cookie dough!

  89. Mary

    How exciting!

  90. stephanie

    mMMmmMMMmmM cookie dough ice cream sounds soooooo good!!!

  91. Lexi

    Wish I could sample eatpastry!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  92. Brianna

    I really want to try that Eat Pastry cookie dough! Yum!

  93. Danielle

    Oh wow that all looks so amazing!

  94. Jennifer

    I would love to try the Soft Serve!

  95. Shayne Camantigue

    I’ll take anything vegan-friendly from you !!! I’m not that picky ! :D

  96. Amber Bifulco

    I’m pretty excited bout Amy’s Indian Aloo Mattar wrap. I really need something new to pack for lunches. The Naughty Ramon sounds excellent, by the way. Now I know what to do with that bottle of Frangelico I keep meaning to buy.

  97. Paul A

    I totally enjoy kicking it with the kkale these days, the super nutrtional density and alkaline kick are helping me correct some digestive stuff, and otherwise, I would love to try any gnosis chocolates because they have the craziest, super wild and inventive/healthy chocolate (very intriguing).

  98. Marlene

    I would like to try the cookie dough!

  99. Julie

    The vegan cookie dough sounds heavenly!

  100. +1 Eat Pastry cookie dough :)

  101. Kate Bean

    Looked like an awesome time. Anytime with that many vegan samples is an awesome time.

  102. L.T.

    I’m afraid of that cookie dough. I can see a risk of eating nothing but that for a week.

  103. So hard to pick just one! But I would like some of that cookie dough…

  104. Kristin

    I totally miss soft serve…Chicago Soy Dairy’s soft serve looks awesome! Hopefully I get the chance to try it sometime!

  105. Stephanie

    Lentil Chips. Sounds like another way to sneak in some protein!

  106. Lisa Gadberry

    I would really like to see and share vegucated!! Any new spreads and any Diaya cheese products!!

  107. I would most like to try the So Delicious IceCream!!!

  108. nik

    Ice cream sandwiches for breakfast…ohgoodgolly why have I never thought of that? They’re going on my shopping list pronto! Many thanks!

  109. Christy

    I would live to try any of that chocolate!

  110. Aimee

    I’m a brand new vegan so I want to try everything! I have to admit, the cookie dough looks especially tempting though!

  111. Lauren

    I am a young vegan that loves to try new products. I pay for all my food and would love to win this giveaway. It would undeniably make my year. I could then introduce my boyfriend to more of the great world of veganism.

  112. Beth M.

    I would love to try wayfares pig outs or Hail Merry new coconut tart!!

  113. Crystal

    I would looooove to try all the new vegan CHOCOLATES!!

  114. Tiffiney

    I’d like to try the new spreads from Follow Your Heart

  115. The vegan protein powder looks awesome!

  116. Jennifer

    I’m not above breaking into a tub of cookie dough with a spoon! But I’ve been really wanting to get my hands on the Sporkfed Cookbook for awhile now.

  117. Adam

    wow, that’s a lot of goodies!

    I’d love to try all of them, but one that especially caught my eye was the new Hail Merry raw tart flavor!

  118. Jayna

    That cookie dough looks highly edible! :-)

  119. Rachael

    I want to try that curry salsa from the brooklyn salsa company!!! YUM!

  120. I would most like to try Amy’s gluten-free & dairy-free lasagna!

  121. I see some Vega samples in there! And a Bumble Bar, yum!!!

  122. aubrey

    the cookie dough!!!

  123. Lindsay

    I’d really like to try the hemp hearts!

  124. michlny

    have a really rough few days. healthy foods make me happy. would love to win this. really, really, really would really love to.

  125. Tristan

    Oooo…What are Surf Sweets? Mmmm. Sounds good!

  126. Tia

    I would love to try the new spreads from follow your heart! yummmm :)

  127. Rachel

    Really want the Qbel, should go for something healthier, but mmm… chocolate!

  128. Renee P

    Hail Merry’s newest tart, MMMM!!!!!

  129. Heather Noble

    Um…I’m greedy. I want them all! I am most excited about the new Gardein and Vegenaise products. Oh and the Daiya wedges. So pretty much everything.

  130. Those samples are insane! I wish they had this on the east coast lol.

  131. I really want to try the Vega products. I have heard good things.

  132. Michele V.

    Went to my first Vegan Restaurant and I’m hooked can’t wait to try more!

  133. Valerie

    Vegucated! So I can Vegucate my friends!

  134. Ann

    Anything vegan and Raw. The Chocolate Fantasy stands out!

  135. Aside from the cookie dough, I saw some new vega products up there. Would love to nom those!

  136. valerie

    brooklyn salsa – have tried one of their flavors and would love to try the others

  137. Larisa


  138. Billiejean

    Awesome giveaway! I would definitely be interested in the Artisana and So Delicious products!

  139. Georgia

    Pure fit Bars look fabulous – thanks so much for this fabulous giveaway!

  140. Ray

    Sea Snax – as I would love to try them in my soup, salad or sandwich for lunch! Thanks so much for all the vegan samples!

  141. Renata

    Vegan cookie dough looks awesome and so does the softserve!! Do I have to choose just one? Keeping my fingers crossed for the whole loot prize! LOL :)

  142. Jordan Dunne

    I’d love to try the kale chips or the soft serve ice cream!

  143. Janet

    The EatPastry cookie dough is my kind of snack! Would love to try that!

  144. Kristina Melendez

    Whoa! I wish i had been here, ive just recently gone vegan and just this post alone has been so helpful.To be at this expo i could have learned so much. There’s always next year.Im lost when it comes to convenient vegan products and what to buy. I would like most is to watch that video vegucated and the amy’s coupon book would be awesome! I love their burrito’s it’s nice to be able to throw something in the microwave. Also the hemp product’s would be cool to try.

  145. vegan neysha

    I want to try the SeaSnax! I love those things! You might have a flavor there that I never tried :)

  146. Amy N.

    I would love to try the seasnax, I love roasted seaweed snacks but have never tried this brand…looks amazing! ^.^

  147. I have seen online about the new Daiya Cheese Wedges that where at the Expo, I can’t wait to find those in my grocery store.

  148. Vanessa

    I would LOVE to try Coconut Bliss

  149. purplelarkspur

    I would love to try the sea snax

  150. I would love to try Amy’s new products!

  151. Jasmine B

    I want the So Delicious Ice Cream! MMMMMMMmmmmm

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