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6 Quick and Easy Meal Planning Tips for Busy Workdays


The sad truth: Many vegan dishes are healthy, but “vegan” doesn’t automatically equal healthy. Don’t get us wrong, we love a cheezy nacho as much as the next vegan, but we begrudgingly admit that one cannot subsist on nachos alone. Oh, in a perfect world…

To help us stay healthy despite our busy schedules, we asked our friend Dianne Wentz, the Holistic Health Counselor behind VeggieGirl, to give us some quick tips for showing our bodies some healthy love on the busiest of days. Read on to see how she stays well despite a busy schedule.
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The Best Vegan Products of 2013


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Vegan Cuts Holiday Gift Guide


We’re deep into November and that means a lot of different things to people. In most places, it means the leaves are almost gone, the boots and scarves have come out of hiding, and families everywhere are simultaneously looking forward to and dreading the holiday get-togethers.

Here at Vegan Cuts, we like to think it means one other thing, too. ‘Tis the season for… holiday shopping! To help ease your gift-giving decisions this year, we’ve put together a guide of amazing cruelty-free gifts for everyone on your holiday list! Whether you’re shopping for your mom, your best girlfriend, your favorite nephew, or your kids’ school teacher, we’ve got a gift that will knock their socks off. Start shopping now!

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Vegan Cuts Staff Picks: Summer Essentials

Image: daspader via Flickr

It’s beach season. It’s wedding season. It’s summer vacation with the kids season. It’s farmers’ market season.

No matter what you call it or how you like to spend it, it’s summer! The Vegan Cuts team is sprinkled across the continent, east to west and north to south, and we all have our own style for summer. Since the Vegan Cuts store has so many awesome summer products available right now, we thought it’d be fun to share with you some of our favorites.

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Vegan Cuts Loves Vendors Who Give Back

At Vegan Cuts, we’re in it for the animals. And the planet. And the people. So, it’s no surprise that we love our vendors who look for ways to give back. Some of them donate a percentage of their profits to animal welfare charities, environmental organizations, and their local communities. Still others work to ensure that the ingredients they source are sustainable and fair trade. We love them all!

If you’re keen on voting with your dollars and helping to make the world and even better-better place with your Vegan Cuts purchases, check out what some of our most generous vendors are doing to give back to the world.

Vegan Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Image: jmettraux via Flickr

Dear old Dad. The poor guy might get overlooked from time to time, but he’s never forgotten. Whether you’re shopping for your own daddy-o or picking up Father’s Day gifts for other fellas in your life, Vegan Cuts has a ton of options for the guys. Check out these 6 ideas for Father’s Day gifts this year.

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