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Teatox vs. My Coffee Addiction


It happens to the best of us—We know we should be eating our kale, but we start reaching for more burritos and less salads, more sweets and less fruit and, worst of all, relying on coffee as a primary energy source. For me, what started as an occasional espresso indulgence turned into a morning coffee requirement. My friends, it was time for a teatoxRead more…

3 Yoga Poses for Beginners

Yoga Poses

Walking into a yoga class can be intimidating for newbies, but we’re here to show you 3 poses that are easy peasy for yogis of all experience levels.  Read more…

Aromatherapy Basics: The Essential Essential Oils


Aromatherapy uses essential oils to improve mood, body function, and health. In this post, we’ve collected our 5 go-to scents to help you reap the benefits of this alternative health practice.  Read more…

Self Care: 5 Tips to Take Care of Yourself Everyday


It’s the time of year for transitions, whether that means you’re relaxing into summer, graduating college, starting a new job, or moving to a new city. No matter which applies to your current state, it’s important that you make a point to take care of yourself everyday. That’s why we’re bringing you five tips to maintaining your mind, body, and soul connection.

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Sunburn Soothers: 5 Natural & Cooling Remedies


Summertime is fast-approaching, which means many of us will be soaking up as much sunshine as possible. If you happen to forget your sunscreen and find yourself with a painful red hue, don’t panic! There are a number of natural remedies for soothing sunburned skin.

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Take a Hike: 5 Fueling Snacks for Hitting the Trails


Hiking is one of my favorite forms of exercise. Escaping into the wilderness allows for a bit of solitude and time to enjoy the birds, scenery, and natural wonders of the world. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is just around the bend, which means plenty of warm weather and sunshine–an ideal mix for hitting the trails. I’ve compiled a list of my go-to hiking snacks so that you too, can immerse yourself in the forest without going hungry. So, lace up your sneaks, pack some snacks, and head out for adventure!

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