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Vegan Fall Fashion Trends

By orangeacid on flickr

By orangeacid on flickr

The air is crisp, leaves are changing to all shades of red and gold, and across the northern hemisphere, cold hands are warming themselves around hot cups of cider and cocoa once the sun sets. Autumn has returned once again, and as the days (and nights) become chillier, our summer wardrobes are put away in favor of warmer clothes. This is the season for snuggly socks, cozy sweaters, adorable scarves, and boots, and there’s an abundance of cruelty-free fashion out there to make the most savvy vegan fashionistas smile.
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ecoCLOSET Vegan Shoes: A Day in the Life

Opening my box. ooooh. aaaaah.

Fashion forward & kind to animals! In 2012, ecoCLOSET was founded in collaboration with vegan fashion powerhouse Cri de Coeur. ecoCLOSET’s mission is to bring fashion forward, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly shoes to the vegan masses at great prices. That’s one lofty goal this girl can get behind.

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My First GUNAS Vegan Handbag

GUNAS Neon Hostess Purse in Black

GUNAS Neon Hostess Purse in Black

GUNAS is a brand I’ve been following for awhile, long before we ever launched a promotion for them on Vegan Cuts. For months I’d been eying their bags online, but it wasn’t until I finally saw them in person that I was sold on the idea of this high end vegan fashion investment. JL Goes Vegan and Stephanie Bain, our Special Projects Manager, are both proud owners of GUNAS handbags. These fine ladies showed me their GUNAS bags while we were at the NYC VegFest a few months back. I was totally blown away by their quality workmanship and stylish features.

All that said, can you imagine how excited I was to receive my very first GUNAS handbag in the mail this week? So excited in fact, I worked up the guts to make my very first video for YouTube. Please check it out and let me know if making videos is something you think we should do more often.

If you’d like to get your hands on a GUNAS purse, there’s no time quite like the present because we have select styles on sale for up to 60% off at Vegan Cuts.

Bold, Bohemian & Blossoms: Vegan Fashion Trends for Spring

College Applique Cardigan from ModCloth

Don’t you love this season? Once the rainstorms have cleared and the sun peeks back out from behind the clouds, we get the chance to see all the life that’s springing up from the earth. Here in Toronto, spring colours are out in full force:  tulips are out, lilacs are opening, lilies of the valley are starting to unfurl, and now and then we catch flashes of bright hues as birds flutter around in their little mating dances. Springtime fashion trends for 2012 seem to be taking a cue from all of this natural wonder, with bright, bold colours, floral prints, and bohemian styles popping up all over the place. A few key separate pieces are great to stock up on, as they’re interchangeable with skirts, pants, and dresses, and are perfect for layering for springtime’s changeable weather.

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InFURiation: A Disturbing Fashion Trend

I can't even look at you in that fur t-shirt from Vaute Couture

“There is always a way to wear fur.”  – Anna Wintour

Ugh. It’s quotes like the one by Ms. Wintour there that keep the fur-as-fashion industry going, and that really has to stop.

How and when it was that wearing fur became a status symbol for the elite and attractive, we’ll never know. I’m guessing that a few tens of thousands of years ago, Grok gave Snurk a piece of pelt from some animal he’d killed and eaten, and she draped it over a shoulder to keep warm. Blurg thought Snurk looked prettier-than-usual and wanted a piece of pelt for herself, and so it began, and has kept going ever since. Or something. At the very least, back then it was a struggle for survival, and animals that were hunted for their food were used to their fullest potential, with skins as clothing, bones as tools, etc., but we’ve come a long way from those days, and there’s no excuse whatsoever to harm an animal for the sake of fashion.

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Why is wool not vegan? Well…


Sheep by Heather Rose on Flickr

In some of our earlier posts, particularly those centered around warmer layers for colder weather, we’ve touched upon the fact that wool should be avoided because it is unethical. Many people are confused as to why wearing wool would be an unethical choice: after all, it’s just taking the wool off a sheep, right? That’s not killing it… how bad could it be?

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