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Vegan Fun at ExpoWest 2012: Day 2 Recap

Wow. People told me ExpoWest was big and crazy, but it’s impossible to imagine just how big and crazy it really is. Huge and elaborate exhibitor setups, free samples galore, intense crowds, celebrity spokespeople (I saw David Wolfe and Fabio was in the house)…it’s nuts! Yesterday was a whirlwind of zipping through rows of exhibitors, sampling vegan goodies, and catching up with blogger friends. I’ve already picked up way more samples than I know what to do with. I literally don’t know how I’m going to get them all home.

I’ll be heading back over to the convention center to do more of the same all day today, but here’s a quick recap of yesterday’s events.

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Hello from ExpoWest 2012! Vegan Adventures Part 1


ExpoWest 2012! I’m here! After many months of dreaming about this weekend, it’s finally arrived. I’ve seen that big, beautiful ExpoWest welcome sign on the Anaheim Convention Center. Heck, I’ve even taken a pic in front of it (see above!!). Yesterday was the preshow, so after registering I strolled around the Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace with Jackie of Vegan Yack Attack and Demetrius from Vegucated. We tried lots of new products and I’m sharing my top finds with you…

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Vegan Cuts Visits the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival


Last weekend John and I drove to New York City with some friends to check out the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival. We met lots of great vendors and talked to them about Vegan Cuts. We’re hoping to feature deals from some of the vendors in coming months. How exciting would that be!?

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