Sunny’s 5 Favorite Vegan Fall Beauty Picks

Sunny's Top Five Fall Picks

We love when the lovely Sunny from Vegan Beauty Review stops by to share product suggestions and we extra love when they’re products that we’re able to offer you straight from our marketplace! Read on for Sunny’s five must-haves for the fall season.

Autumn is coming, and this mamacita has totally been rockin’ the cleanest, greenest and best of the bestest vegan beauty products. If you’re anything like me, your skin, hair, body preferences tend to shift and change with the seasons. In the fall, I like to keep my skincare routine simple and clean (no preservative, fillers, artificial this and thats) – just skin-lovin’ vegan goodness!

Here are some of my fall beauty faves:razdazlip_300

1. GlamNatural Lip Gloss – I never leave home without a lil’ lip gloss on my smackers. I’m currently diggin’ Glam Natural’s  Razzle Dazzle, a bold shade, perfect for any season, that adds just the right pop of color. The formula goes on smoothly (zero sticky  factor), and it makes my lips feel delicious and 100% smoochable.

Athara Eye Cream
2. Athar’a Coffee Eye Cream
 – Coffee anything pretty much has me sold. It’s an amazing anti-aging ingredient, too – the caffeine in it improves the appearance of puffy under-eyes and brightens dark circles… perfect cure for a late night of partying. *wink*  This kick-ass eye cream is made with wrinkle-fighting heavyweights like coffee, pure Moroccan Argan oil, avocado and shea butter. It’s a soothing, gentle formula that goes on like buttah.


3. Ellovi Body Butter – If UV rays, sun damage and dry hot weather left your skin craving some serious moisture this summer, this mega moisturizing all-over body butter will be your BFF this fall. It’s made with only six ethically sourced ingredients, making it super pure (and hella effective). It has a really subtle, delicate coconutty scent that I adore, too!


4. LVX Nail Polish – I’m a die-hard LVX fan. LVX polishes are vegan and cruelty-free, 5-free (non-toxic), high-shine, chip-resistant, and all of the shades are inspired by high fashion runway trends. Their summer collection is beyond swoon-worthy – it’s a mix of bold, bright, and pastel colors. Their tangerine shade, Damask, has especially stolen my heart.

Schmidts5. Schmidt’s Deodorant – Schmidt’s Cedarwood + Juniper Deodorant has such a warm  and earthy scent with a hint of pine. Scent aside, it actually WORKS I’ve tried my fair share of vegan deodorants, and trust me, I’ve come across some duds (I’m a stanky beast, so the bar is set high). Love luh-luh LOVE this yummy-smelling, highly effective stuff! I also appreciate that this deodorant cream is handcrafted in Portland (my all-time fave U.S. city) with 100% natural and pure ingredients.

What are some of your favorite fall beauty essentials?

About our Blogger friend, SunnySunny

Sunny runs the website Vegan Beauty Review, where she writes about the latest and greatest cruelty-free beauty products and fashion. In addition to being a hardcore vegan beauty junkie since 2000, she also has an affinity for all things kitty-related, pink, glittery and sweet—especially cupcakes!

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  1. Maria S.

    I love Sunny’s vegan beauty reviews and I absolutely love the Athar’a Pure Coffee Eye Cream! So glad you guys introduced me to their beautiful products!!! Sorry about the typos in my previous comment!

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