Primal Pit Paste: Review + Giveaway


Despite the mass quantities of lovely plants we eat on a daily basis, not all vegans smell pretty. Take me, for example. When the sun shines in Portland, I am either riding my bike, backpacking in the mountains, or walking around in search of the perfect vegan doughnut (or cookie, or brownie, or pizza). Hours later, a sniff or two is all it takes for me to realize that I STINK! Not to worry, because I recently discovered my new favorite deodorant brand, which just might become your new favorite too!

Stinky and unstinky vegans, meet Primal Pit Paste. Thanks to this wonderful company’s generosity, I was sent three products for review: Lavender Deodorant Paste, Lavender Orange Body Whip, and Lavender PoPo Powder–all cruelty-free, non-toxic, and made with simple, good-for-you ingredients—seriously, you could eat them.

I tried the deodorant paste first, and what I love most aside from its effectiveness, is the consistency. It’s smooth, soft, and absorbs easily into delicate underarm skin. I’ve been using it for several weeks now and have found that it keeps me dry. Plus, people aren’t plugging their noses in my presence. That means it works! It comes with a little wooden applicator stick, but I just use my fingers. Shea butter, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, aluminum-free baking soda, and lavender essential oil make up the ingredients.

PP 03

Photo by Amy Gedgaudas

The body whip is definitely my favorite of the three products. You know how sometimes when you love a product so much you use it all the time? That’s me with this body whip. It’s fluffy, super moisturizing, and smells divine. The container says that it’s for “your bits”, but I have been using it on my elbows, cuticles, and anywhere my skin is dry. It leaves my skin incredibly soft and supple. The container is almost empty already! Sniff.

PP 02

Photo by Amy Gedgaudas

I honestly wasn’t sure what to do the PoPo Powder at first. The well-designed shaker container proudly states: “Odor Care for Down There” so I figured it would be perfect for patting around down there before or after a workout. And you know what? It was! I also found that it works nicely as a quick-fix deodorant. I love that it’s talc-free, non-GMO, and lightly scented with lavender essential oil.

As you can tell from the above review, I am absolutely delighted with these products. They all smell amazing without being overwhelming, they’re made with pure ingredients, and best of all, they work.

Win a Primal Pit Paste Prize Pack

Wanna try Primal Pit Paste for yourself (this is where you gleefully shout “Yes!”)? Well, one lucky blog reader is going to smell pretty dang nice soon because Primal Pit Paste is giving away a trio of products. You’ll receive 1 jar of Lavender Deodorant Paste, 1 jar of Lavender Orange Body Whip, and 1 container of Lavender PoPo Powder. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Open to U.S. residents only. Good luck!

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  1. Tracy Cornelius

    I’ve been dying to try this stuff!

  2. Lizzie

    I don’t think you could pry the body whip from my hands (I love lavender!), but I think it’s likely I’d share the other products…

  3. itzia

    i might share.

  4. Yocaret

    Sure I would spread the word about pit paste.

  5. sarah

    i might share just a leeeetle with my mom

  6. Sarah

    I’d love to try out pit paste!

  7. Becca F

    I wouldn’t share and I’m usually very good at sharing

  8. These products sound wonderful– especially the body whip!

  9. I’m SO curious about all of these. love to brag when i find good product ;)

  10. Kelly G.

    Nah, because I neeeeed to find a new vegan deodorant.

  11. SA Collins

    Multiple people live in the house so I am sure we would all be sharing these wonderful products.

  12. Stephanie

    I’d share one and keep two :) that’s compromise right?

  13. Valerie

    Just starting to make the switch from cruelty-filled deodorants, and would love to try this stuff!

  14. Kristine

    I would share it with my sister who loves to try vegan products too.

  15. Shannon

    I would like to give this a try!

  16. Terri Cole

    Nope! I’m keeping those goodies for me!

  17. Ryan Maher

    Oh do i need this. Most veg friendly deodorant does not work well.

  18. Patience

    I received the Pit Paste in my Jan Beauty Box. I bought 2 jars for me and the hubs. He has never been able to use anything natural that didn’t leave him stinky by the end of the day, except this product. I love it!

  19. tracy

    I’ve been wanting to try this product! Would I share the wealth if I won this Primal Pit Paste prize pack? I’d give the popo powder to my hubby. ;D

  20. Devin

    The Pit Paste sounds amazing! Even if I don’t win the contest, I would probably buy it based on this review.

  21. Oh wow! love this! I have been tempted to make my own version but these sound so good!

  22. Rachel

    These products sound amazing and I would love to see if they work for myself .

  23. lori elrod

    I would tell everyone I use it/ love it…but I don’t know about sharing. ..gotta have something special for myself ;)

  24. LCD

    I want to try the orange!

  25. Jennifer

    Would very much like to try these out.

  26. Katie

    Luckily I have no one to share it with so it’d be all for me!

  27. Mystry

    Share? It depends. If someone saw it and wanted to try it, sure! (: Otherwise, I’d keep it to myself. :b

  28. Chelsea Ortiz

    I’d love to try it for myself!

  29. Jade

    Sharing is caring

  30. Jade

    Sharing is caring ;)

  31. Sure, why not! Gotta spread the vegan product love. ;)

  32. My hubby jacked my tub of Primal Pit paste from my Vegan Cuts beauty box. I had the Lemongrass scented one and he made the switch right away. We live in FL and believe you me he can be a smelly man!! No issues AT ALL since he made the switch. He is stink free. And when I finish my regular deodorant tube I will be hopping aboard to the Lavendar. But a free pack would help me blog and review it. Because it rocks!

  33. Candy

    If I won, I wouldn’t be sharing my personal products, nosiree!

  34. Deanna

    This looks like such an interesting product and Lavender scented. Double whammy! Looks awesome!

  35. Jennifer Flores

    I’m really interested in trying these I’m alway up for try new natural alternatives.

  36. Jia Hui

    Yes I might even give one away to my veg curious friends!

  37. Ashlee

    I always try to get people to use natural products so I would share this!

  38. I think I would be greedy with this prize pack!!!

  39. macarena

    Yes! Would share with my new best pal who is thinking about becoming vegan as well! Turn all humans vegan!!

  40. Emily

    I don’t think I would share these if I won haha. I loved the sample from the beauty box too much to even think about giving it away!

  41. Adrienne Zinn

    I would love to try this deodorant. Yes…I would share. We have a vegan family and my teen daughter is always excited to use vegan products.

  42. Terri Cole

    Nope, this would be all for me!

  43. tori

    I got some a vegan cuts box and its awesome!

  44. Just what I was looking for! I’d been making my own deodorant for ages but I would lv LV to try this one as the reviews on their website are just so praising!

  45. gabrielle

    If I love it, which I’m sure I will, I miiiight share. Probably keep it all for me though!

  46. Tabitha

    If a product really works I’m all for letting other people try it so that they can see how amazing it is for themselves. Okay, so it might be a little awkward to offer the PoPo Powder to people I don’t know super well (they might take it the wrong way haha) but I’d definitely be willing to share it with BF and mom. I know a lot of other people who are constantly on the lookout for healthier versions of deoderant and body moisturizers though so I’d definitely be willing to offer them samples of those products :)

  47. Maria

    I would definitely share it with a coworker that has been wanting a natural deodorant that actually works :)

  48. Beth Stevens

    I’m not vegan but moving toward more natural products. This would be amazing to try

  49. I would totally share with my stinky fiance! ;)

  50. Joanne

    I’m curious about these products and would love to try it out.

  51. Joanne

    I don’t think I’d share these with anyone if I won them :)

  52. jody w

    I’d definitely share with my girlfriend.

  53. Chelsea

    I have been looking into making my own deodorant, but this sounds amazing. I would love to try theses products.

  54. Julissa

    Omg, the body whip looks so amazing!

  55. michelle

    Yes I tell everyone

  56. Olyvia

    Ah it would be amazing to win this. I LOVE this stuff!

  57. april

    I might be able to share the deodorant paste since I am already well-stocked with their deodorant! However, I would have to keep the powder and whip for myself!

  58. Shelby

    I have never tried anything like this! It would be something awesome to test out!

  59. Ebba Schmutte

    I would most definitely share the wealth!

  60. Amanda Thomas

    I would share this with my daughter.

  61. leslie

    I’d share!

  62. karin

    I have been hearing about this everywhere! They are blowing up. I would love to try it.

  63. susan

    I need something to combat the damage crazy Ohio weather has on my skin. I’d share the wealth.

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