The Best Vegan Products of 2013


Shoppin’ time! Here’s where you can find these amazing products:

Oh So Stylish
1. Nina Black Boots, Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, $245
2. I’m Here Savasana Pullover in Midnight Blue, Spiritual Gangster, $65
3. Virginia Skimmer Reptile in Copper, Nicora Jons, $148
4. Marie Jeanne Tote Bag, Claret, $100

Oh So Pretty
1. Velvet Transformative Serum, nyl,Β $60
2. Body Tonic, Meow Meow Tweet, $22
3. Nail Wraps, NCLA, $16+
4. All Natural Deodorant, North Coast Organics, $8

Oh So Delish
1. Every Rosemary Has Its Thorn, Better Off Spread, $11
2. Manos Chocolates Sampler, Manos Chocolates, $15 for 5-pack
3. Louisville Vegan Jerky, $26 for 4-pack
4. Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal, $50.40 for 12-pack


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