April Vegan Cuts Snack Box Video Reviews + Giveaway

We need your help! We announced a video contest for April Vegan Cuts Snack Box subscribers and our inbox flooded with cute and funny videos. Now we’re finding it impossible to pick a winner. Below we’ve embedded five of our favorites. We’d love to hear which one you like best!

Help us pick a winner and you’ll be entered to win a box for yourself!

Step 1 – *Required*: Visit the Vegan Cuts YouTube channel and click subscribe so you can stay up to date with our video posts.

Step 2: Leave a comment letting us know which video is your favorite and what you like about it.

Prizes: The creators of the two video with the most votes will win a three month Vegan Cuts Snack Box subscription. Two lucky voters will also receive one free box.

Open for voting worldwide until end of day on Friday, May 17. Let the voting begin! 

1) Roscoe Goes Nuts
Video by Lee Nowell

2) Cathy and Emmy Team Up
Video by bubbatoes

3) Matthew the Cutie Pie
Video by TheLodadio

4) Tiffany and the Furry Kids
Video by NadiaCrow1122

5) Sophie Awaits a Special Delivery
Video by Jennifer Abbassian

Vote to win!

Step 1 – *Required*: Visit the Vegan Cuts YouTube channel and click subscribe so you can stay up to date with our video posts.

Step 2: Leave a comment letting us know which video is your favorite and what you like about it.


  1. Video #3 by Matthew is just adorable.

  2. Ed

    Video number 1. It wasn’t a standard “Hi this is me opening my box” video. Those get boring. I also liked that it was centered around an animal, and let’s be realistic… Animals are the reason most of us are vegan.

    • Lee Nowell

      Thanks for the support, Ed! And I firmly agree – it’s all about the animals for me too.

      My relationship with my little buddy Roscoe the macaw parrot is so human, how I could I possibly contribute to the harm or discomfort of any animal?!

      All the best,

  3. I liked #3–so much genuine excitement.

  4. Mina T.

    Video #1 was my favorite video. Please let me win so I can do a more thorough and detailed review of the box.


  5. MsChoiceAlways

    #2 Cathy and Emmy Team Up — they were just having so much fun and were really excited about the good eats — too cute.

  6. Danielle Krause

    My favorite was 5) Sophie Awaits a Special Delivery because she looks for her box the way await the arrival of my box. She’s old enough to have discussions about and reasons for supporting vegan things and I hope she continues to be an ambassador of compassion throughout her life!!!

    • Jennifer

      Thanks for your support. She is definitely an ambassador of compassion and is a vegan by her own choice–the only one in the family.

  7. Mina T.

    Btw I like video #1 as it was flashy and exciting. None of the videos were really informative so out of all of them I’d pick #1.

    • Lee Nowell

      Mina, you rock!!!

      But I give a lot of credit to iMovie. I am so so so not technological or flashy.

      Just wanted to do super-creative and a fun and fast-paced video to make you smile.

      All the best!

  8. Tritawan

    Kathy and Emmy team up is so cute and it is my favorite!

  9. Abigail

    Mathew is far too cute not to win. Rocking those PJs

  10. julie

    Video #1 who doesn’t love a Macaw. It is also very different

  11. DoctorMooScarf

    Definitely #3!! Matthew reminds me of my childhood self on Christmas with those big excited eyes and slight confusion (“I love getting stuff but I have no idea what some of this is!!”). The pyjamas made it even more Christmas0y!! Cute kid and video!!! :D

  12. Lisa

    #2 Cathy & emma!

  13. Lee Nowell

    I vote for #1!

    Not a vote for myself but for Roscoe the macaw parrot. He spent hours in front of the camera – a lot of hard work.

    But all for a good cause. And Roscoe is such a good sport when I drag out the camera.

    Thanks, buddy – you are the best!

  14. JayDee Rooker

    I am having a hard time choosing too!! but will go with #2 – I liked their little skit ;-)

  15. Jill


    Matthew genuinely is so in love with the idea of receiving “vegan treats” in the mail!! The pure joy and excitement is wonderful and real.

  16. Matt Drehmer

    I loved the video #3 of Matthew cutie pie, it really speaks to the future of vegans everywhere!

  17. betsy

    #1 –Roscoe Goes Nuts! Love the macaw…all the energy and color!

  18. Maryrose

    Video #1!!!! :)

  19. Jessie

    video #3… because it’s so. stinkin’. cute. :)

  20. Audrey

    I like the #1 because … a parrot!

  21. Amy

    Tiffany and the Furry Kids Because….furry kids! :)

  22. Matt

    I loved the video number three of Matthew cutie pie, I think the video really speaks to the future of vegans everywhere and their enthusiasm.

  23. #4, because I’m a sucker for socially inappropriate cats.

  24. This is really hard! They are all so good! I’ll go with #2 Cathy & Emmy Team up. It’s cute, fun, and they do make a great team! :)

  25. #3 is my favorite because little kids excited about vegan things make me happy, and because the video’s narrator is quite possibly my voice twin!

  26. Marge

    #3 Matthew

    This little guy is so excited! He’s a sure win for me.

  27. Cesia Garcia

    Video 1 & Video 4! haha I loved #1 because it was so creative, quick, and straight to the point fun to watch but video 4 , She is very enthusiastic! The excitement is contagious! even through the screen! haha xD ~ Ah I love these, I am just getting hungry now . haha :)

  28. sarah beth

    Definitely Video #1. Roscoe is awesome.

  29. bells

    Matthew!! Video 3! Love this handsome guy :-)

  30. Jessie

    #3!!!!! Cutest

  31. Kristen

    #3!!!! He is way adorable and sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. chicarosa

    I vote for #1 and Roscoe. No doubt – #1 was the most fun to watch!

  33. Chester

    They were all great. But #1 was the best. Because it was obviously the most cool.

  34. Lisa

    Number 3 all the way! Go Matthew! He’s adorable!

  35. Vivian Velasquez

    I vote for video #1 with ROSCOE!!

  36. Stephan

    I voted for video #1 Go ROSCOE!! ROSCOE beats the competition by a long shot!

  37. Wallie Velasquez

    I voted for Roscoe!! VIDEO #1!!! He rocks!!

  38. Ray Nowell

    Video #1 is by far the best one…the parrot should get a YEAR supply of snack boxes for that performance!!!

    • Roscoe the macaw

      Now we’re talkin’. Great thinking, Ray.


      Your friend,

  39. W.I.V.

    I vote for #1. Roscoe is great!

  40. Kiana B

    #3… Seeing his response to the vegan treats really made me smile. What a handsome boy.

  41. Tiff

    OMG!!! That little voice is too much!! #3 is my pick. What a cute little boy and he loves his snacks.

  42. Greg

    These were all very nice however #3 is the only one I think that shows genuine enthusiasm.

    That kid is pretty pumped!

  43. B.M.B

    Roscoe is #1! the video is fun and creative!

  44. Keekee


  45. Samantha J.

    #1 is the best video.
    High production quality and probably a lot of hard word to put thst together.

  46. sangermusic

    They are all okay but #1 really stands out. I love animals and that parrot is so human. Nice work #1 – you’ve got my vote!!!

  47. Mary T.

    My vote goes to the parrot viedeo #1. I am a new vegan and understand going nuts with all the nuts I am eating. That parrot has it dead on. Sweet.

  48. stacy

    I like the video #1 Roscoe goes nuts. It’s the best one since it very creative, artistic, and fun to watch ;-)

  49. Rita

    how cool is that parrot? my vote is for video #1.

  50. vegangreenplanet

    Have to agree with another reviewer. It’s all about the animals for us vegans. #1 is the best message and representation of what Vegan Cuts is all about.
    Go Green Everyone!

    • Lee Nowell

      Love your comment, vegangreenplanet!
      The vegan lifestyle is often a challenging choice. Got to stay focused on who we are and what we believe.
      Stay green, stay vegan for the animals and the ecosystem.

  51. teri

    sick parrot and sick vid. thanks for sharing. i love video #1 best in a big big way

  52. Julie Brechner

    Video #1 ROCKS! Creative, Fun, Colorful… Way to go Roscoe!

  53. Roscoe the macaw

    Thanks soooo much for the vote, Julie. Great comments too!!!


  54. Holly Nowell

    Video #1 with Roscoe the macaw is by far the BEST!!!! Very fun, colorful and LOVE the fun music!!! GO ROSCOE!!!!!

  55. Anni McCarthy

    Really enjoy watching Roscoe and video #1. Lots of fun!
    Video #1 gets my vote.

  56. dennis k.

    Roscoe and vdieo #1 is the best one up here. Great work.

  57. veganforlife

    I vote for #1 because this video makes it cool and fun and exciting to be vegan. Also…a macaw! Seriously people…a macaw. (and great energetic music)

  58. mary davenport

    what else can i say? rock and roll, roscoe. video #1 is hot… and the best one up here BY FAR! my vote for #1 ( :

  59. Tom

    Not much of a contest here. Video #1 is well-planned, has a narrative storyline, which is engaging, and it also captures the spirit of veganism — animal compassion centered on animals’ sentient being-ness [which another voter already alluded to]. I am a vegan athlete and easily get caught up in the fun of this video. How could any vegan not vote for the parrot and #1. MY VOTE FOR #1.

  60. Becki Preston

    All these videos show excitement about the ssnack box, but video 1 is probably the most fun. I’ll cast my vote for #1.

  61. Bren

    #1 is my fav. Very creative. Go Roscoe!

  62. Beth

    Video Number 1 with Roscoe seriously rocks! There was a lot of time and creativity put into it. Plus the music makes it exciting. Well put together!!

  63. Teagen

    #4 really showed what was in the box with great enthusiasm and the bathing cat was funny. I wan’t those olives!

  64. Jennifer

    Video #1 Roscoe Goes Nuts gets my vote.

  65. HI!
    Matthew the Cutie Pie all the way!
    I love that Matthew is growing up with Vegan food in his life, he looks so sweet and healthy too!

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