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How to Make Kombucha At Home


Ever wonder how to make Kombucha at home? We’re here to help!

It’s likely very tempting to rush out to the store to buy a bottle of kombucha right now. But you can make it at home! It’s simple and affordable. So save your hard-earned cash for a gourmet vegan pizza instead. Read on to learn about how to brew your own fizzy beverage.

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One Sip, Two Sips: Three Teas for Wellness


Let’s face it, despite the two heads of kale every vegan consumes each week (please tell me I’m not alone!), germs can still take up temporary residence in our bodies, leaving us in bed for several days at a time. When I’m tucked under the sheets, my cure for feeling better is a steaming mug of tea–not just for its warmth, but for its health boosting properties too.

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Green Tea Noodle Salad: Bring Spring Into Your Kitchen!


Everything’s coming up green outside, including a bounty of beautiful produce. Spring brings not only a change of weather, but a desire for lighter, more vibrant meals. And we’ve got the ideal recipe for all you foodies, courtesy of one of our favorite vegan bloggers. Erin, from Olives for Dinner, was kind enough to share a simple and delicious noodle salad recipe that’s representative of springtime.

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Banana Walnut Muffins: A Whole Lot of Healthiness


With spring on the horizon, many of us have already started swapping hearty comfort foods for lighter, more vibrant foods. Breakfast is no exception; getting a nourishing start to your day can be pretty tricky when time is short and there’s a vegan doughnut sitting on your counter just begging to be eaten. But there’s hope! Heather Nicholds, a holistic nutritionist and curator of this year’s January Snack Box, shares her recipe for delicious grab-and-go Banana Walnut Muffins.

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Thai “Chicken” Curry & Fake Meats Review


Photo by Jackie Sobon

Whether you call them faux meats, meat alternatives, or vegan proteins, lots of vegans are on a constant quest for the next greatest cruelty-free addition to their recipes. is a great source that you may not have heard about yet.

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Sunrise Super Squeezies: Review + Giveaway


Photo by Cat DiStasio

Pudding. Creamy, dreamy, luscious, dairy-free pudding.

Who among us doesn’t love the stuff? Perhaps your favorite memories of pudding involve a jingle sung by Bill Cosby. Perhaps they involve after-school snacking. You might even have fond feelings for a stolen trunk load of the stuff (à la Scrubs).

So, as a tribute to the kid in all of us, we’re giving away some amazingly fun dairy-free pudding treats this week. Namely, Sunrise Super Squeezies!

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