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Primal Pit Paste: Review + Giveaway


Despite the mass quantities of lovely plants we eat on a daily basis, not all vegans smell pretty. Take me, for example. When the sun shines in Portland, I am either riding my bike, backpacking in the mountains, or walking around in search of the perfect vegan doughnut (or cookie, or brownie, or pizza). Hours later, a sniff or two is all it takes for me to realize that I STINK! Not to worry, because I recently discovered my new favorite deodorant brand, which just might become your new favorite too!

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What Vegans Eat in Berlin + A Delicious Giveaway


You may not know this—well, you definitely do if you go way back to the Vegan Backpacker days—but our co-founders have a serious case of wanderlust that they’re not going to recover from any time soon. I personally think that’s good news, though, because that means we get to reap the benefits of their vegan product recon missions around the world. Read more…

Fanciful Fox: Review + Giveaway

So, you know that moment when you smell a new soap and realize that you’ll never again have to seek out a soap brand because you’ve found the toiletry version of your one true love? Well, due to a delivery from The Fanciful Fox, I recently had this overwhelming feeling. One of you lucky blog readers is going to get it as well since we’re giving away a Fanciful Fox Romantic Fall Gift Set this week! Read more…

Taft Foodmasters Seitan: Review + Giveaway


Photos and recipe by Cat DiStasio

In our increasingly vegan-friendly world, there are protein alternatives aplenty. We’ve reviewed a few here on the Vegan Cuts blog, and we’re tirelessly searching the globe to bring you more cruelty-free options for your dinner plate.

Taft Foodmasters is a company you may not have heard about yet, and they make delicious seitan products! At the end of the review this week, you can enter to win a tasty prize pack of seitan meats, bread, and hummus. It’s a vegan dream come true!

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Upton’s Naturals Bacon: Review + Giveaway

uptons seitan bacon toast

Photos by Jackie Sobon

I know that I’m not the only person who was incredibly excited to see Upton’s Naturals come out with their new Bacon product earlier this year. Of course there are other vegan bacon foods on the market—each with their own pros and cons—but out of all of the ones that I’ve tried, Upton’s is the most versatile. Read more…

Mediterranean Snack Foods Baked Lentil Chips: Review + Giveaway + Coupon!


Photo by Cat DiStasio

Iiiiiiit’s snack time! As you know, the Vegan Cuts team is more than committed to healthy vegan snacks. We have a whole monthly subscription box devoted to them and we’ve run giveaways of many yummy snack foods here on the blog. This week is no different as we have some awesomely delicious Baked Lentil Chips up for grabs, courtesy of Mediterranean Snack Foods.

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