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New Year, New You Beauty Detox

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The New Year is upon us, and while most look to detox their diet, we’re detoxing our beauty routine. The checklist? No parabens, no chemicals and (of course) no animal testing. Here are our top picks for detoxing your beauty routineRead more…

Vegan Deodorant Options (That Actually Work!)

Vegan Deodorant

Vegan Deodorant

When you go vegan, you suddenly find yourself spending a lot of time reading the ingredient labels of all the products in your house. Unfortunately, your next step is often a sad one. You must go on a quest for a vegan replacement for a product you’ve come to trust.

Deodorant is one of the most challenging personal care products a vegan shopper must seek out. Sure, there are lots of vegan deodorants on the market, but if you’ve tried a few, you know that their efficacy can be hit or miss. No fear. This is a list of tried-and-true vegan deodorants that actually work to banish the stink and keep you smelling and feeling fresh and cruelty-free all day long.

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