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Vegan Cookbook Roundup

Vegan Cookbook Roundup

There’s nothing like a full-color, tangible collection of recipes (a.k.a. a cookbook) to motivate you to head into the kitchen to whip up healthy, vegan snacks and meals. Agree? If so, this roundup of our top four must-have cookbooks is going to have you in the kitchen in no time.

A bonus for our friends who are headed into cooler weather: These four titles are perfect for transitioning from light summer meals to heartier, fall ones.

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Kickstart Your Heart: Four Indie Campaigns Worth Supporting


We all know that vegans are taking over the world. It seems like every day new and exciting business ventures are coming to life–and with our support, they’ll continue to grow and gain widespread success. Here at Vegan Cuts, we’re always on the lookout for compassionate people trying to make a difference by providing cruelty-free products and essential resources to consumers. That’s why we’re excited to share with you four indie campaigns worth supporting.

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Bake and Destroy: Review + Giveaway


It’s not every day that a cookbook hits the market that makes you simultaneously laugh, water at the mouth, and miss the ‘90s. Bake and Destroy: Good Food for Bad Vegans by Natalie Slater does just that. Read more…

Practically Raw Desserts: Review + Giveaway


Raw foods have a bad rap for being overly complicated, expensive, and way too time-consuming for home preparation. While we’ll give you that raw foods can be pretty daunting, especially for a beginner, one chef has unlocked the key: Flexible raw recipes for everyday life, with substitutions and variations that ensure anyone can prepare her foods. That chef is Amber Shea Crawley and her newest book, Practically Raw Desserts, makes sweet raw treats accessible to everyone. How could we not give away a copy of this go-to cookbook to a lucky Vegan Cuts blog reader?

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The Great Vegan Bean Book: Review + Giveaway

The Great Vegan Bean Book

Welcome to Week 3 of our Month of Mondays giveaways!

So far, we’ve given away chic vegan boots and a collection of natural vegan body care products. This week, we’re serving up a collection of healthy and delicious new vegan recipes in the form of The Great Vegan Bean Book by Kathy Hester.

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Review: Healthy Home Cookin’ Cookbook Series

There are thousands of vegan and vegetarian cookbooks available today. If you visit your nearest major bookstore, you’re even likely to see an entire display of veg-based cookbooks, often in a prominent location. Most of those books, however, are pretty specialized. Some focus on raw foods, others on desserts, or on a particular ethnic cuisine. Specialization can be great for advanced vegan cooks but those who are just starting out may need something a little more, say, inclusive.

The 7-volume set Healthy Home Cookin’ is a great solution. We checked it out for you. You’re welcome.

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