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I’m an Essence of Vali Girl – Review of Sleep & Relief Lines

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I’m always looking for beauty and wellness products to add to my repertoire. I love discovering new vegan products, so when I was asked to check out Essence of Vali, a line of 100% natural products for health and wellness that uses the healing energy of plants, I was intrigued. Essence of Vali has different blends such as Balance, Calm, Detox, Refresh, and Passion, all of which have different products within the line for various issues you may be having or just to improve your daily life. I was lucky enough to check out items from the Sleep and Relief lines.

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Vegan Tattoo Care

I was lucky enough to take a weekend trip recently to Victoria BC, which is not only home of vegan curio Sarah’s Place, but also home of vegan owned tattoo shop, Tattoo Zoo. This trip was planned around a guest spot at Tattoo Zoo by an amazing vegan tattoo artist, Eckel, who I’ve been wanting a tattoo from for years. Now, you may be wondering why I keep using the word “vegan” in association with tattoos. Unfortunately, not all inks and balms used in tattooing are without animal products. In fact, some black inks have bone in them, so do your homework, and check this out for more information. After 4 1/2 hours under the needle, I am thrilled to have a tribute to my Nana and a 100% cruelty free tattoo!

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Review: Kaeng Raeng Detox Program

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I’ve never been on or used a detox program before, so when I began my trial with Kaeng Raeng‘s 3-day Detox program I really didn’t know what to expect. Was I going to be hungry all of the time? Was I going to lose weight? Was I going to feel energized or would I be sluggish? I had lots of thoughts going through my mind, and over the three days I received most of my answers.

Before starting the detox program, I looked over the instructions, which were very simple and easy to follow. Not only did they tell you how to make the smoothies with the dried mix, but they also give you details about how to prepare for a detox before you start (what to eat, etc.).

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