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Aromatherapy Basics: The Essential Essential Oils


Aromatherapy uses essential oils to improve mood, body function, and health. In this post, we’ve collected our 5 go-to scents to help you reap the benefits of this alternative health practice.  Read more…

I’m an Essence of Vali Girl – Review of Sleep & Relief Lines

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I’m always looking for beauty and wellness products to add to my repertoire. I love discovering new vegan products, so when I was asked to check out Essence of Vali, a line of 100% natural products for health and wellness that uses the healing energy of plants, I was intrigued. Essence of Vali has different blends such as Balance, Calm, Detox, Refresh, and Passion, all of which have different products within the line for various issues you may be having or just to improve your daily life. I was lucky enough to check out items from the Sleep and Relief lines.

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An Antidote for Your Ego: Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays

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You accidentally drop your toothbrush in the toilet, and find that the cat has yarfed in your shoes. You get to work to discover that a deadline has been pushed forward by a month and you have a ton of work due by end of day. How do you feel? Anxious? Stressed? Numb? Ready to throw your desk out the window and scream at your subordinates until you’re hoarse and they’re weeping?

There’s a spray for that….

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